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Diary of Anne Frank (play)


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What is her sister's name?
Margot Frank
What is her mother's name?
Edith Frank
What is her father's name?
Otto Frank
What was Anne's worst subject in school?
Where did the Frank's hide?
(loft above Mr.Frank's business)
What was the hiding place nicknamed?
"the Secret Annex"
What hid the door to the hiding place?
a bookcase
Who helped the Frank's while in hiding?
Miep Gies
Why do Peter Van Daan and Anne form a friendship?
They both think that their parents don't understand them.
Who was the last person to join the Franks in hiding?
Mr. Jan Dussel
When is the hiding place discovered?
10:30 a.m. on August 4th, 1944
Who most likely betrayed the Franks?
Who was the only survivor?
Otto Frank
When and how did Edith Frank die?
January 6th, 1945; from starvation/ exhaustion
"We don't need the Nazis to destroy us. We're destroying ourselves. "
Mr. Frank (A2 S3) says this when the family is fighting over the food situation (stolen bread, potatoes, sharing)
"Remember, Mr. So-and-So, remember, I'm a lady."
Anne (A1 S3) says this after Mr.van Daan tells her that she is insufferable and in need of a good spanking. She is repeating something she heard from Mrs.Van Daan.
"For the last two years we have lived in fear. Now we can live in hope."
Mr.Frank (A2 S4) says this when the Gestapo has discovered the hiding place and is on the way upstairs to arrest them.
"In spite of everything I still believe people are really good at heart."
Anne (A2 S4) says this to Peter when they are talking about being in hiding and how they wish life could be different. Mr. Frank (A2 S5) repeats it at the end of the play when he is speaking with Miep and Mr.Kraler about what happened to the family. Theme of the play.
"You know how young people like to feel that they have secrets. Peter's room is the only place where they can talk."
Mrs.Frank (A2 S2) says this when Mrs.Van Daan is complaining about the amount of time that Anne is spending in Peter's room "dating".
"Burn this?"
Miep (A1 S1) says this (in reference to Anne's diary) to Mr.Frank when he tells her to burn all the family's papers.
"You can thank your son for this . . . smashing the light! I tell you, it's just a question of time now."
Mr .Dussel (A2 S1) says this to Mr. Van Daan after Mr. Kraler has told them about Carl (a workman) asking for 20 guilders more a week - Dussel thinks it is blackmail money.
"Auf machen! Da drinnen! Auf machen! Schnell! Schnell!"
The Gestapo and green police (A2 S4) yelling for the door to the factory to open when they have come to arrest the family.
"Wake up, everyone! Meip is here!"
Mrs. Frank (A2 S1) says this when Miep brings them the New year's cake, flower, and news of the outside world.
"i think you're just fine . . . What I want to say . . . if it wasn't for you around here, I don't know. What I mean . . ."
Peter (A2 S1) says this to Anne the first time they really talk. Anne has just with her mother over the stupidity of "thinking of the people in the Concentration camps" instead of hoping for the future.
"She puts me to shame."
Mr. Frank (A2 S5) says this to Miep and Mr.Kraler after reading Anne's diary. It is in reference to Anne saying she still believed people were good at heart. Last words spoken in the play.
"I think the world is going through a phase, the way I was with my Mother. It'll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but some day . . . "
Anne (A2 S4) says this when talking with Peter about their situation and the situation in the world at very large.
"Look at us, hiding out for two years. Not able to move! Caught here like . . . waiting for them to come and get us . . . and all for what?"
Peter (A2 S4) says this to Anne when talking about their situation and the situation of the world at large.
Examples of Dramatic irony within the play
1.) Anne considers herself to be a coward, but we know how brave she and her family were
2.) Anne says she wants to go on living after death, which she does through her diary
3.) Anne wants to be a good writer but fears she is not good enough, and her diary is one of the most published, most translated books in the world
Mood change in Act 1 Scene 5
This is the Hanukkah celebration scene. At first the family is happy and joyful (presents and song) then they hear the noise downstairs (thief) and become fearful of discovery. Finally, with the singing of the song, the family once again becomes joyful but also brave in continuing to live and celebrate.
Where is the family hiding?
Amsterdam, Holland; the attic above Mr. Frank's business
What prevents, at first, a friendship between Anne and Peter?
he is quiet and shy (lone wolf); she is talkative and out-going (Mrs. Quack-Quack)
What does Anne have nightmares about?
Her fear and tension lead her to dream that they have been found.
What is Anne's attitude towards her Mother at this point (nightmare) in the play?
Unkind and unloving; she rejects her mother
How does Anne describe herself to her father?
Anne says she has two sides: the kind inner side that is afraid of being made fun of and the hard, mean outside that she shows to the world
Why is it important for the family to celebrate Hanukkah?
Celebrating is a small act of defiance against the Nazis who have persecuted the Jewish people. It also strengthens their faith and bonds with each other.
What happens during the Hanukkah celebration?
They hear a noise (thief) downstairs, then Peter falls off the chair making a lamp crash to the floor.
What does Mr. Dussel think the thief will do?
The thief will be caught and then tell where they are.
At the beginning of Act 2, what kinds of problems did the family experience?
Extreme cold, hunger, more tension (fights) among the family.
What do we find out about Mr. Van Daan?
He has been stealing food that should have been shared.
What change do we see in Mrs. Frank?
Usually she is quiet and retiring, but after Mr. Van Daan is caught, she is outraged and insists that the Van Daans leave.
Why does Dussel count the potatoes?
He no longer trusts the people he is living with.
Who is the calmest just before and during the arrest?
Anne Frank
Who is the most selfish?
Mr. Van Daan (sold his wife's fur coat that she loved for cigarettes, stole food, cake)
Anne = ______
Mrs. Quack-Quack