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Cooking a food in liberal amounts of water is least likely to affect the vitamin content of

vitamin A

Which of the following vitamins would be removed in the production of skim milk?

Vitamin A

Which of the following is the coenzyme form of thiamin?

Thiamin pyrophosphate

Beriberi results from a deficiency of


The Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome may be treated with supplements of


Of the following, which is the richest food source of thiamin?

soy milk

Which of the following vitamins is involved substantially in energy transformation reactions?


Which of the following food groups ordinarily contains the highest amount of riboflavin when expressed per kcalorie?


The coenzyme FAD is formed from what vitamin?


Milk and milk products provide liberal amounts of which of the following vitamins?


A deficiency of what vitamin produces a characteristic cracking and redness at the corners of the mouth?


Which of the following nutrients functions to prevent the appearance of a bilateral, symmetrical dermatitis, primarily on areas exposed to the sun?


A low-protein diet in which corn is a principal food has been found to cause a deficiency of what vitamin?


What vitamin deficiency disease appeared in people who had subsisted on a diet high in corn and low in protein?


Tryptophan can be used in the body to synthesize


While researching your southern family history, you find that your grandmother had a sister who died fairly young. The symptoms leading up to her death included diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia. Because the family led a poor, corn-farming existence, you suspect this relative died of


When taken in large doses, which of the following vitamins is associated with liver injury and peptic ulcers?


Among the following, which would be the best source of niacin equivalents?


Features of biotin in nutrition include all of the following except

a deficiency can be induced by ingesting large amounts of thiamin and folic acid, which interfere with its absorption

Among the following compounds that serve as coenzymes in metabolism, which is considered a vitamin for human beings?


Which of the following vitamins is synthesized by intestinal bacteria?


Which of the following vitamins is stored primarily in muscle tissue?

Vitamin B6

What vitamin is involved intensively in amino acid metabolism?

Vitamin B6

What is the Tolerable Upper Intake Level for vitamin B6?

100 mg

A common drug for the treatment of tuberculosis is known to markedly interfere in the metabolism of vitamin


Irreversible nerve damage has been reported in people taking large doses of


Which of the following statements reflects our knowledge of water-soluble vitamin toxicity?

Toxicity symptoms for vitamin B6 can be severe and irreversible

In what major way does alcohol intake affect vitamin B6 metabolism?

It dislodges the PLP coenzyme from its enzyme

What is the adult RDA for vitamin B6?

1.3 mg

On a per-kcalorie basis, which of the following foods is richest in vitamin B6?


Which of the following is an essential nutrient for human beings?


Pteroylglutamic acid is known as


All of the following are properties of folate in nutrition except

it functions primarily in the transfer of amino groups.

Which of the following vitamins undergoes significant enterohepatic circulation?


Which of the following vitamins is usually found in a form that is bound to one or more glutamic acid molecules in food?


A person with a disorder that limits absorption of bile is at increased risk for deficiency of


A deficiency of which of the following vitamins results in accumulation of homocysteine in the blood?


The appearance of vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms may be delayed due to high intake of supplements of


What vitamin is involved mainly with the replacement of red blood cells and digestive tract cells?


Physiological stresses such as blood loss, burns, measles, and cancer are known particularly to increase the risk of deficiency for


Pernicious anemia results from a deficiency of

vitamin B12.

The absorption of which of the following vitamins is most affected by the disorder atrophic gastritis?

Vitamin B12

Which of the following is a property of vitamin B12?

It is efficiently recycled by the body

Which of the following vitamins has an RDA?


Which of the following is known to perform an essential function in the human body?


People with the condition known as iron overload may be adversely affected from taking supplements of

ascorbic acid.

Which of the following food groups is a rich source of vitamin C?

fruit group

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