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Japan and the Koreas

Most of Japans major cities are located on this island
Japan is about the same size as this State
Japans Trade Policy
This has created a large trade Surplus
Common powerful storms that affect Japan and the Koreas
The Soviet Union
This country assisted North Korea after WW II
Korea's Landscape
This country's landscape includes large plains
Practicing this is discouraged in North Korea
Germany and Italy
Allies with Japan in WW II
Highly Trained Workforce
This is a key to Japan's success
Building Underground
How has Tokyo dealt with its lack of space?
Bullet Train
A method of fast transportation in Japan
China and South Korea
These countries are challenging Japan's economic power
Command Economy
North Korea's economic system
A major challenge faced by Japan
Kyoto Protocol
The purpose of this is to limit pollution and improve air quality
Kim Jon Il
Former ruler of North Korea
Japan is a major producer of high quality what?
Japan has 4 major and 3000 small what?