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Nonfat Dry MilkPowdered form of nonfat milk, made by removing the fat and water from pasteurized milk. When rehydrated, dried milk is used like fresh milk and must be refrigerated.Evaporated MilkCanned, whole or nonfat milk that contains only half the amount of water in regular milk. It can be used as a cream substitute in beverages.Sweetened Condensed MilkConcentrated form of milk with sweetener added: used to make candy and desserts. This product cannot be substituted for evaporated milk or diluted to use as regular milk.Lactose Free milkMilk treated to break down lactose. It is used by people who can't digest lactose.Acidophilus MilkHas Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria added to help aid digestion. Flavor and appearance are similar to milk.Calcium-Enriched MilkContains 500 milligrams of calcium in one cup.Half-and-HalfHomogenized mixture of milk and cream. It is often used in coffee and other beverages.Light CreamContains 18 to 30 percent milk fat. Also a cooking ingredient.Light Whipping CreamHas 30 to 60 percent milk fat. It is used in desserts.Heavy Whipping CreamContains over 36 percent milk fat. This cream whips easily and is frequently used in desserts.Sour CreamContains 18 percent milk fat. Thick and rich with a tangy flavor, made by adding lactic acid bacteria to light cream.YogurtThick, creamy product that is like custard and has a tangy flavor.Ice CreamA whipped mixture of cream, milk, sugar, flavorings, and stabilizers.Frozen YogurtVaries in fat content depending on the yogurt and other ingredients used to produce it.SherbetMade from fruit or juice, sugar, water, flavorings, and milk fat. Generally has less fat but more sugar than ice cream.SorbetLight dessert made with sweetened fruit juice, and water, but never milk. French word for "sherbet."CurdsWhen an enzyme is added to milk, the milk thickens and separates into solid clusters.WheyA bluish liquidFresh CheeseIs not ripened or aged.Cottage CheeseContains large or small curds and has a bland flavor.Farmer's CheeseHas a mild, slightly tangy flavor. Similar to cottage cheese.Cream CheeseSmooth, creamy, and spreadable cheese, with a mild, slightly tart flavor.RicottaSlight sweet flavor and is traditional in Italian cuisineRipened CheeseMade by adding ripening agents, such as bacteria, mold, yeast, or a combination of these, to the curds.MargarineMade from hydrogenated vegetable oils and sold in sticks, similar to butter.Soy MilkThe liquid pressed out of soybeans.Nondairy CreamerMade with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and corn syrup.Whipped ToppingMade from hydrogenated vegetable oils, sweeteners, and nonfat milk solids.MousseSoft, creamy dish made with whipped cream and flavored, often with chocolate or fruit.