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  1. Nervous System Divisions that show similar clinical signs
  2. Function of the Dorsal Horn within Grey Matter
  3. Function of Ventral Horn within grey matter
  4. In the dog, where does the spinal cord end?
  5. Functions of thoracolumbar spinal cord region?
  1. a Receive, process and relay afferent info from the dorsal root fibers
  2. b Motor neurons send axons through ventral root to innervate mm. fibers
  3. c Innervation of regional mm and skin
    Preganglionic sympathetic neurons
  4. d End @ L4 before cauda equina begins
  5. e Muscle and Neuromuscular Junction, Peripheral Nerves, Spinal Cord Segments, Brain (Medulla, Pons, Cerebellum, Midbrain, Thalamus,and Cerebrum)

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  1. Ventral roots
  2. Both sensory and Motor
  3. 1. Dorsal Funiculi
    2. Lateral Funiculi
    3. Ventral Funiculi
  4. Both myelinated and munmyelinated
  5. Yes

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  1. Functions of the sacral spinal cord region?Innervation of regional axial mm and skin, skin and mm of pelvic limb = Pelvic Plexus
    * Partial Supply to bladder and perineum


  2. T/F. As you move caudally the spinal cord segments continue to line up.1.Cranial Cervical Region C1-C5
    2. Cervico Thoracic Region C6-T2
    3. Thoracolumbar Region T3-L3
    4. Lumbosacral Region L4-S2
    5. Sacral Region S1-3
    6. Caudal Region Cd 1-5


  3. What are the clinical signs seen then the femoral nerve is damaged?Paresis, Paralysis, Atrophy of muscles, Decreased sensation to cutaneous zones and decreased or absent reflexes


  4. Function of intermediate zone within grey matterContains cell bodies of preganglionic sympathetic neurons


  5. 3 functions of the spinal cord1.Sensory input and motor output for neck, trunk, limbs, and tail
    2. Reflexive control of patterned movement and adjustment of glandular activity in response to local afferent input without voluntary control
    3. Transmit info to and from brain


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