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Alpha 1

located in peripheral blood vessels and causes constricted blood vessels when stimulated

Alpha 2

controls the release of the chemical neurotransmitters

Beta 1

located in the heart and fatty tissues and causes increased heart rate when stimulated

Beta 2

located in the bronchial smooth muscle and causes bronchodilation when stimulated

sympathetic system

produces an excitatory effect as in fight or flight syndrome

cerebral cortes

contains billions of neurons which control conscious mental activity


controls voluntary function


relays sensory information to higher places in the brain


controls balance or equillibrum


longer nerve fibers which carry impulses away from the cell body


controls huger, thirst, perspiration and shivering


controls involuntary functions


shorter nerve fibers that bring impulses to the cell body

parasymphathetic system

produces a calming effect including lowering heart rate and respirations

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