10 terms

Book 13 The Odyssey

What final gift do the people of Phaecia give to Odysseus?
a tripod and caluldron
As the crew gets ready to shove off to sea, what does Odysseus do ?
he sleeps
Why does the crew carry Odysseus to the shore of Ithaca from the boat?
He is sleeping and they hide his treasure in a cave so now one will see it or disturb him
What does Zeus allow Poseidon to do the Phaecians?
he piles a mountain around their port and crushes their ship striking it into a rock
Why does Pallas Athena cover Odysseus in a mist as he sleeps?
to disguise him into an old man
Why does Athena call Odysseus and "everlasting schemer"?
because he makes up a false story parallel to his own to protect himself- she thinks he is so clever
What does Athena tell Odysseus he must do?
go fine Eumaus the swineherd and find out everything that has been going on- also test this dude for loyalty
How does Athena disguise Odysseus?
as an old beggar- wrinkled old man
Where does she say he must go first?
to find Eumaeus to see if he is loyal- Ody, Tele, and Eumaus will take on the suitors later on
Who else must Athena bring back to Ithaca?
Telemachus who is still in Sparta