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MA > 1

increase output force

MA < or =

change direction of force

simple machine

one of the six basic types of machines, which are the basis for all other forms of machines

lever and inclined plane

two catagories of machines


rigid arm that pivots on a fulcrum (pivot point)


modified lever around fulcrum

wheel and axle

large pulley which acts a s a wheel attached to a rod

inclined plane

ramp; multiplies and redirects force


two inclined planes back to back


inclined plane wrapped around a cilandrical post


the ability to do work

kinetic or potential

all types of energy can be classified as

kinetic energy

energy due to motion

potential energy

stored energy





law of conservation of energy

energy cannot be created nor destroyed ONLY tansformed from one type to another


MA of a fixed pulley


MA of a moveable pulley


MA of a block and tackle

sound, light, thermal

3 types of energy in a lightbulb

elastic, electric, chemical

3 types of energy

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