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  1. tradition
  2. Europe
  3. sculpture
  4. Americans celebrate 3 holidays
  5. Mount Rushmore
  1. a Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July
  2. b a piece of art that can be viewed from all sides
  3. c designed by sculpture George Borglum
  4. d a custom, or way of doing something, that is passed on
  5. e Many immigrants that came to American in the past were from

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  1. a diagram that shows the outside and inside of an object at the same time
  2. the way a person feels about something
  3. people in LA whose french-speaking ancestors came from Acadia
  4. Came from England and in 1849 was the first woman to earn a mecial degree in the US. An award is given @ yr to a woman who contributes the most in the field of medicine.
  5. Black Hills of South Dakota

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  1. Madeleine K. AlbrightImmigrants brought their cultures, but also


  2. the US pres and their ideas and leadershipMount Rushmore is a memorial that honors


  3. Asia,Mexico, Central AmericaToday, most immigrants come from


  4. festivalsomething that keeps a memory alive


  5. memorialsomething that keeps a memory alive