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  1. 1. Go home and cheerfully consent to marry Paris
    2. Tommorow night, make sure you are alone (no nurse) and drink the vial of potion.
    3. Fall into a death-like trance for 42 hours.
    4. Wake and go with Romeo to Mantua.

    Timing is important because the morning after she takes the vial is when she is due to be married.
  2. -Juliet is sound asleep...Nurse cannot wake her
    -Freaks out
  3. - inconsolable and wants to die with Juliet
    - Ironic because a few scenes ago she said " I wish the fool were married to her grave".
  4. - depressed ( only daughter is dead)
  5. Lady Capulet wants the wedding day to stay Thurs. because she needs time to organize the food. But Lord Capulet is so determined to have the wedding on Wednesday that he promises to make the arrangements himself.

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  1. How does Act IV, scene ii open? Why?Friar Laurence will send another Friar (Friar John) with a letter that tells Romeo about the plans.


  2. Friar Laurence does not tell the family the truth, but he does try to comfort them. How does he do this?To create suspense.


  3. What is Juliet planning on doing if Friar will not help her? Cite line numbers as evidence.She plans to kill herself. (line 67)


  4. What is the deal with Peter and the musicians?Comic Relief --> suspense