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Developmental Psychology - Exam 4

Dr. Sharon - Mercer University
Once attained, __________ has a profound impact on information processing.
Chris is a male nurse. Because of his male minority status in the nursing field
his co-workers may assume that he is more knowledgeable than he actually is.
During the realistic period of vocational development, the first step is often ________ and the final phase is ________________.
exploration; crystallization
Physical changes in early adulthood are usually
so gradual that most are hardly noticeable.
Contemporary men and women
differ little in average number of lifetime sexual partners.
When adults of any age are asked how many sexual partners they have had in the past year, the usual reply is
When adults make positive lifestyle changes, telomeres
respond by lengthening.
Paul is a male librarian. Which person is the most likely to be critical of Paul's career choice?
Paul's male friends in traditional careers
Between the 1970s and 1990s, the rise in daily caloric intake
was enough to add an extra pound every 20 days.
According to some researchers, cognitive development continues beyond Piaget's formal operational stage to the ____________ level.
Christine, a college graduate, held a variety of part-time jobs in her early twenties. She had neither married nor begun a career by age 30. According to Neugarten, Christine is likely to
suffer from self-doubt and lack confidence.
Which of the following is true about factors related to divorce?
Infidelity and substance abuse are among the strongest predictors of divorce.
Most divorces occur
within the first 7 years of marriage.
According to Levinson, each season of life begins with a __________, which concludes the previous era and prepares the person for the next one.
According to Sternberg's triangular theory of love,
intimacy, passion, and commitment shift in emphasis as romantic relationships develop.
What percent of Americans marry at least once?
College students of Asian ethnicity are more likely than their Caucasian-American peers to endorse a view of love strongly based on
In the transformation of romantic involvements from passionate to companionate, __________ may be the aspect of love that determines whether a relationship survives.
Which of the following statements about marital satisfaction is true?
The sharing of family responsibilities usually enhances both men's and women's marital satisfaction.
Which of the following is true about gender differences in adult friendships?
Female friends often say they prefer to "just talk" when they get together.
Longitudinal research shows that from age 20 on, ___________ decreases steadily.
perceptual speed
Which of the following is true about the double standard of gender and aging?
Men tend to judge aging females more harshly than women do.
Women who view menopause as a ________________ report more negative physical and emotional symptoms.
medical problem
Which of the following is true about individual difference in cognitive declines?
People with flexible personalities are likely to maintain mental abilities well into late adulthood.
Middle age is
a contemporary phenomenon, nonexistent before the 20th century
Patsy is experiencing a buildup of pressure in her eye due to poor fluid drainage. This pressure, left untreated, can damage her optic nerve and is a leading cause of blindness. Patsy has
Which of the following is true about age-related hearing loss?
African tribal people display little age-related hearing loss.
Creative works produced after age 40 often appear more ________ than those produced by younger adults
deliberately thoughtful
Maria has trouble remembering where she parks her car in the large office parking lot. Therefore, she decides to park in the same area of the parking lot every day. She is using __________ knowledge.
Keith and Nicole have been married for 23 years. They view each other's aging bodies with acceptance and affection. Their sex life is an important component of their relationship. Their sex life is likely to become ____________ in midlife.
more spontaneous
The majority of adults who report experiencing a midlife crisis
have a much looser definition of midlife crisis than that of researchers.
As in early adulthood, __________ tend to be emotionally closest during middle adulthood.
sister-sister bonds
_________ is common in middle adulthood.
life evaluation
Raven is less concerned about others' expectations than she was in her thirties. She is now more concerned with following her own standards. Raven exhibits
Which of the following is true about marriage and divorce in midlife?
Middle-aged adults seem to adapt more easily to divorce than younger people.
Which event tends to cause an increase in sibling contact and support during middle adulthood?
parental illness
After all five of her children struck out on their own, Naomi made sure everyone stayed in touch by creating a family blog. She also took charge of gathering the family for celebrations. Naomi is her family's
Women who quit work in order to take care of aging parents
generally fare poorly due to social isolation and financial strain.
Which of the following is true about grandparents who take full responsibility for raising grandchildren?
They often experience considerable emotional and financial strain.
Fifty-year-old James filed for divorce from his wife of 25 years. It is likely that he
is already involved romantically with someone else.