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In 1842 the capital of Texas was moved from Austin to what city?

Pink granite

What stone is the Texas state capital building made of?

Marble falls, texas

Where was the pink granite stone taken from?

Sam houston

What famous person is the city of Houston named after?


What famous sports arena is located in Houston?

George dallas

The city of dallas was named after this person?

Cotton bowl

What football game is held in Dallas on New years Day?

San antonio

Near what city is the Alamo located?


What city is close to Palo Duro Canyon in the panhandle

El paso

What city takes its name from the Spanish term for "the pass"?

Corpus christi

What popular resort city has mustang island in its bay?

Red river valley

Where is "tornado alley"?


What kinda storm forms over the gulf of mexico, often hitting the Texas coast?


What is the riches natural resource in Texas?

Rio Grande Red river Sabine river

What three river form boundaries for the state of texas?

Farming and ranching

What are the two major uses of land in Texas?

The pine woods

What is the name of the large wooded area in eastern Texas?


Texas produces more of which fishing produce than any other state?

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