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IB Geography Pro-Natalist Policy in France

France's relatively high fertility level can be partly explained by its long-term what?
active family policy
When was the active family policy adapted
the family policy was adapted to accommodate the entry of women into the ______ _____
labour force
The policy seems to have created ________ attitudes toward two- and three- child families
France has taken steps to encourage fertility on a number of occasions over the last how many years?
70 years
In ____ the government passed the 'Code de la Famille'
The 'Code de la Famille' offered _________ __________ to mothers who stayed at home to look after children
financial incentives
The Code de la Famille...
subsidized holidays
The Code de la Famille banned the sale of what?
When was the ban of contraceptives stopped?
More recent measures to encourage couples to have children include longer what?
maternity and paternity leave
Maternity ranges from how many weeks to the first child to how many weeks or more for the third?
20 weeks to 40 weeks
Recent measures to encourage couples to have children include higher _____ ________
child benefits
There are improved tax allowances for larger families until the youngest child reaches what age?
There is a pension scheme for who?
mothers and housewives
What percentage is reduced on all public transport for 3-child families?
In what year did France overtake Ireland to become the highest-fertility nation in the EU?
How many babies were born in 2006?
The number of babies born in 2006 was the highest figure since when?
What is the replacement level?
2.1 children per woman
The net migration is virtually equivalent to a surplus of how many births?
What was France's total fertility rate in 2009?
What was Germany's total fertility rate in 2009?
What was the UK's total fertility rate in 2009?
What was Italy's total fertility rate in 2009?
What was Spain's total fertility rate in 2009?
Almost what percentage of the new arrivals in 2006 were born to unmarried mothers?
Within France, the highest level of fertility is among the _________ __________
immigrant population
What is the average number of babies born to a woman in the immigrant population?
French politicians have talked about demography as a '______ __ ________' for the country
source of vitality