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  1. Thoroughfare
  2. Séance
  3. Illumined
  4. Scalding
  5. Bewilderment
  1. a adj. Illuminated; lighted up.
  2. b n. A meeting of people to receive spiritualistic messages.
  3. c adj. Causing a burning sensation.
  4. d n. a busy roadway of traffic.
  5. e n. confusion.

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  1. v. to burn or scorch.
  2. adv. Cautiously.
  3. n. One who pays undue attention to book learning and formal rules.
  4. adj. Covered with a protective or insulating layer
  5. n. gibberish.

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  1. Phoenixn.m A mythical bird in Egyptian mythology that lived for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes


  2. Goutn. A painful inflammation of the joints.


  3. Dilaten. a small piece of hand luggage.


  4. Valisev. To make wider or larger.


  5. Falterv. To be unsteady in purpose; waver.


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