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6 History 11

6th grade History Chapter 11
Greek colonists
Who built the village of Byzantium and they are from Athens?
where the Black Sea flows into the straits of the Bosporus across from Asia Minor
Describe where they built the village Byzantium?
Byzantium was a good location for trade because they had a _______ north of the village?
Black Sea
To trade with Asia, people could also travel around the _____?
Aegean & Mediterranean Seas
Where could the Athenians sail west to trade with the Greeks, Romans, and North Africans?
India & China
Where did people travel across land to sell spices & silk?
it's safe & a good place for trading
Why do you think the Athenians moved from Athens to Byzantium?
Topography: has an inland plateau formed by the Taurus & Pontic mountain ranges.
Natural Resources: Large mineral deposits & Oil.
Describe the topography and natural resources of Turkey?
Who's the Roman emperor that found the village of Byzantium, and he rebuilt the city?
What did the Roman emperor change the name of the city & it became one of the greatest cities in the world?
it was far away from the wars & invasions among the barbarians in other parts of Europe
Why was Constantine's new city so secure?
What's the name Romans gave to nomadic people who did not have the same culture as Rome & did not speak Latin or Greek?
What did Constantine use as a unifying force within his kingdom?
What did Constantine outlaw?
Christian clergy
Constantine gave ______ the same benefits that were enjoyed by pagan priests.
Christian holidays & churches
What did Constantine legalize?
Justinian I
Who was the first great emperor of Byzantium that ruled from 527-565?
General Belisarius
Who was sent to re-conquer the western provinces?
Egypt, Carthage, and Italy
What places did General Belisarius conquer?
Who are the barbarian people that ruled the city of Carthage?
Roman empire prospers
What did Justinian believe that could happen through a good system of law?
Who did Justinian hire to simplify the law? (he's a member of the court)
4 years
How long did it take Tribonia to finish the code (law)?
Corpus Juris Civilis OR The Body of Civil Law
What was the new, much shorter law code called?
We know a lot about the Roman law. Some modern countries base their legal system on the law code.
Describe some lasting effects of Tribonia's work?
the Greens & the Blues
What are the sports clubs that almost everyone in Constantinople belonged to?
repaired the city walls
The Greens & the Blues played games, but they also guarded the city & _______?
What did the Greens & the Blues do when they disagreed with the government?
high taxes; they looted & burned much of the city
What was the cause of the Nika Riots, and what did the club members do?
His wife Theodora wanted to die an empress rather than run; He stayed with her.
Why did Justinian not run for his life during the Nika Riots?
a circus performer
What was Theodora before she married the emperor?
What is a large open-air stadium that Belisarius attacked the Blues & the Greens as they were holding a meeting?
He made Constantinople more beautiful. He built churches, government buildings, public baths & aqueducts.
How did Justinian take advantage of the destruction after the Nika Riots?
Haggia Sophia
What was the most famous structure that Justinian built at this time & the church still stands today?
a Greek cross
What was the church built in the form of?
What did the Ottoman Turks add, that is four surrounding towers in 1453?
What were many of the pictures in the churches, which are pictures made of small stones or pieces of glass set in mortar?