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  1. Justinian I
  2. barbarian
  3. Harbor
  4. He made Constantinople more beautiful. He built churches, government buildings, public baths & aqueducts.
  5. Constantine
  1. a Byzantium was a good location for trade because they had a _______ north of the village?
  2. b Who was the first great emperor of Byzantium that ruled from 527-565?
  3. c Who's the Roman emperor that found the village of Byzantium, and he rebuilt the city?
  4. d How did Justinian take advantage of the destruction after the Nika Riots?
  5. e What's the name Romans gave to nomadic people who did not have the same culture as Rome & did not speak Latin or Greek?

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  1. Constantine gave ______ the same benefits that were enjoyed by pagan priests.
  2. Describe the topography and natural resources of Turkey?
  3. What was Theodora before she married the emperor?
  4. Where could the Athenians sail west to trade with the Greeks, Romans, and North Africans?
  5. What was the most famous structure that Justinian built at this time & the church still stands today?

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  1. We know a lot about the Roman law. Some modern countries base their legal system on the law code.Describe some lasting effects of Tribonia's work?


  2. VandalsHow long did it take Tribonia to finish the code (law)?


  3. His wife Theodora wanted to die an empress rather than run; He stayed with her.Why did Justinian not run for his life during the Nika Riots?


  4. high taxes; they looted & burned much of the cityWhat was the cause of the Nika Riots, and what did the club members do?


  5. India & ChinaWhere did people travel across land to sell spices & silk?