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27 terms

Voc 2- Cap 1

arreglar la sala
to clean up the living room
to help
conocer la cuidad
to know the city
decorar el patio
to decorate the patio
should/ought to...
hay que (+infinitivo)
one must...
ir al zoológico
to go to the zoo
ir de compras al mercado
to go shopping at the market
lavar los platos
to wash the dishes
limpiar el baño
to clean the bathroom
olvidarse de (+infinitivo)
to forget about...
pasar la aspiradora
to vacuum
pasear en bote
to go boating
pensar (+infinitivo)
to plan to...
poner la mesa
to set the table
sacar la basura
to take out the trash
visitar un museo
to visit a museum
tener _ años
to be _ years old
tener calor
to be hot
tener frío
to be cold
tener hambre
to be hungry
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
tener sed
to be thirsty
tener sueño
to be sleepy
tener suerte
to be lucky
tener ganas de (+infinitivo)
to feel like...
tener que (+infinitivo)
to have to...