computer test 2

scroll bar
displays different portions of a document in the document window
quick styles
ready made sets of formatting that u can use to change font, font style with one click, font size, or font color
CTRL plus A
select entire text
style set
consists of a group of frequently used styles formatted so they look pleasing when used together
number list
when order is important 1. then space
bulleted list
order is not important * then a space
lettered list
a. then space
stopping list
enter 2x or backspace-so it is indented @ same level
control center in word consists of tabs, groups, and commands brings most popular commands to the forfront
7 basic ones on the top row. represents active area.
active tab
the tab currently displayed
each tab has several that shows related items together
a button, menu , or box where you can enter info
dialog box launcher
displays a dialog box or a task pane with additional options for that group
quick access tool bar
it provides easy access to frequently use commands
hide ribbon
double click the tab
office button
central location for managing and sharing for
lists of commands
status bar
presents info about the document located at the bottom of the document
enhanced screen tip
an onscreen note that provides the name of the command and how to obtain help about the command
paragraph formatting
change of the paragraph
character formatting
changing the way characters appear an the screen an print. emphasize certain words
font(type face)
determines the appearance and shape of the letters numbers and special characters
font size
size of characters
named group of formatting characters include font font size
set of unified formatting fonts, colors, and graphics
word wrap
allows you to type words in a paragraph with out pressing the enter key
formatting mark
is a character that word displays on the scrreen but not displayed on the printed document
red under line
word not in the computers dictionary or spelling error
green underline
grammer should be revised
blue underline
word is spelled write but doesnot seem to be the right word for the sentence