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Reasons for colonization
to gain:
-raw materials
First permanent English settlement.

Established in 1607
Virginia Company of London
the stockholders who gave money to start Jamestown
land surrounded by water on three sides.

Jamestown was build on a peninsula
King James I
King of England

Granted the charter to the Virginia Company of London
Reasons for Jamestown site
-Location could be easily defended from attacks by the sea (by the Spanish)
-Water along the shore was deep enough for ships
-They thought it had a good supply of fresh water (not true)
Virginia Charters
-Established a settlement in America
-Gave English rights to all settlers
two representatives from each division of Virginia
General Assembly
-Governor's Council
-House of Burgessses

-first elected legislative body in America
Portuguese Sailors
brought captured African men and women (slaves) in 1619
country from which African slaves were captured from
-women arrive in Jamestown
-made it possible to have families and make Jamestown more permanent
-arrive in Jamestown against their will in 1619
-help farm tobacco
Natives and English traded.

-Natives: food
-English: tools, pottery, copper
Captain John Smith
- No work, no food policy (forced-work program)
- started trade with the native people
-chief of many tribes
- provided leadership to his people
-taught the settlers survival skills

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