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The method for wrapping very long hair is the

Double tool technique

When wrapping hair at an angle that causes the hair to spiral along the length of the tool (rod), like the grip of a tennis racket is called a;

Spiral Wrap

What wrapping technique uses zigzag partings to divide base areas

Weave technique

In perming, using a larger tool for the last tool
next to an unrolled section, in order to make a smooth transition from the rolled section to an unrolled section is called a;

Partial Perm

A wrap creating movement that curves within sectioned out panels is a

Curvature perm wrap

The basic perm wrap is also called a

Straight Set

This wrap is used to prevent noticeable split ends and to blend the flow of the hair;

Bricklay Perm wrap

Rods that have a small diameter in the center area and gradually increase to their largest diameter at the ends, resulting in a tighter curl at the ends, with a loose, wider curl at the scalp are

Concave Rods

Perming only a section of a whole head of hair is called

Section perming

End wraps are absorbent papers used to do what with the ends of the hair when rolling a perm

Control the ends of the hair

When you place one end wrap on top of the hair strand and hold it flat, it is called the

Single flat wrap

When one end of the paper is folded in half over the hair ends like an envelope is called a

Book-end wrap

All perm wraps begin by sectioning hair into panels which are further divided into subsections called

Base sections

Base control refers to the position of the tool in relation to its____ _____, and is determined by the angle at which the hair is wrapped

Base Section

When the strand of hair is wrapped at an angle 45% beyond perpendincular to its base section, it will result in

Off-base Placement

When the strand of hair is wrapped at an angle 90% perpendicular to its base section, it will result in

Half-off base placement

An example of a physical change that results from breaking and re-forming the hydrogen bonds within the hair is known as

Hair color Service

How long should perm solution be rinsed from hair before applying neutralizer

at least 5 min.

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