24 terms

7th Science CH test Energy and Resources

when a bat bits a baseball, this is transferred from the bat to the ball
kinetic energy
as a baseball flies through the air after being hit, this is the type of energy it has
KE = mv/2
This is the formula for finding kinetic energy
a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching
this happens when electrical energy is changed to thermal energy
energy converstion takes place
when you eat fruits and vegetables, which types of energy are you taking in
chemical energy
growing an apple tree
is a conversion from light energy to chemical energy
gravitational potential energy
the energy that is given to an object that is lifted
the ability to do work
light energy
the energy that is produced by vibrations of electrically charged particles
kinetic energy
the energy of motion
potential energy
the energy an object has because of its position
sound energy
the energy caused by an objects vibrations of electrically charged particles
mechanical energy
the total energy of motion and position of an object
thermal energy
all of the kinetic energy due to the random motion of the particles that make up an object
electrical energy
the energy of moving electrons
can measure the energy from the sun
when is the potential energy the greatest in a roller coaster
at the top of the first hill
after an energy conversion, you end up with the same total amount of energy as the original amount of potential energy. This law explains this rule
law of conservation
thermal energy
the original energy is converted any time an energy conversion takes place
energy effciency
is found when you compare the amount of energy before a conversion with the amount of energy present after a conversion
fossil fuels are considered
nonrenewable resources
electric generator
this converts kinetic enrgy into electrical energ
wind energy
this is a renewable resource.