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based on ucds-realidades-2-stem-changing-verbs Yo form of the verb 5/1 Minus divertirse, sentarse, mover, volver, perder, tener, decir, recordar. probar

duermo; dormimos

I sleep; we sleep


I have lunch; we have lunch

¿cuánto cuesta esto?

how much does this cost?

puedo ir a; podemos ir a

may I go to; may we go to

quiero; queremos

I want or love; we want or love

prefiero; preferimos

I prefer; we prefer

pienso; pensamos

I think; we think

empiezo; empezamos

I begin; we begin

entiendo;entendemos los verbos con cambio de raíz

I understand; we understand the verbs with root change

pido; pedimos permiso

I request; we request permission

sirvo; servimos la comida

I serve; we serve the food

repito; repetimos las palabras

I repeat; we repeat the words

juego; jugamos

I play; we play

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