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What are the four major phyla of animallike protists? How do members of each of these groups move?

Animallike protists that swim using flagella are classified in the phylum Zoomastigina and are often referred to as zooflagellates. Sarcodines are animallike protists that use pseudopods for feeding and movement. Members of the phylum Ciliophora, known as ciliates, use cilia for feeding and movement. Members of the phylum Sporozoa do not move on their own and are parasitic.

What animallike protists cause disease?

Some animallike protists cause serious diseases, including malaria and African sleeping sickness.

How does a macronucleus differ in function from a micronucleus?

The macronucleus is the larger of the two types of nuclei in ciliate protozoans. It controls all cell functions except reproduction. The micronucleus is smaller and controls the reproductive functions.

Describe the role of animallike protists in the environment.

Some live symbiotically within other organisms. Others recycle nutrients by breaking down dead organic matter. Many animallike protists live in seas and lakes, where they are eaten by tiny animals, which in turn serve as food for larger animals.

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