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  1. Deltoid Action, Anterior
  2. Teres Minor Insertion
  3. Triceps Origin
  4. Supraspinatus Action
  5. Teres Major Origin
  1. a Abduction, Flexion, Horizontal Adduction, Internal Rotation
  2. b Scapula
  3. c Greater tubercle of humerus
  4. d Abduction, Stabilization
  5. e Intraglenoid tubercle, humerus

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  1. Supraspinatus Fossa
  2. Lateral Clavicle
  3. Medial Border of scapula
  4. Styloid process on the radius
  5. Coronoid Process of the Ulna

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  1. Biceps Brachi InsertionElbow Flexion, Suppination, weak shoulder joint flexor


  2. Pectoralis Minor InsertionIntertubercular groove of the humerus


  3. Teres Major ActionExtension, Internal Rotation, Adduction


  4. Pectoralis Major OriginClavicle, costal cartiladge of first six ribs


  5. Brachioradialis ActionTRUE flexion of the elbow