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  1. Pectoralis Minor Orgin
  2. Deltoid Insertion
  3. Biceps Brachi Insertion
  4. Triceps Origin
  5. Levator Scapula Action
  1. a Radial Tuberosity
  2. b Intraglenoid tubercle, humerus
  3. c Deltoid tuberosity
  4. d 3rd to 5th Rib
  5. e Elevate Scapula

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  1. Clavicle, costal cartiladge of first six ribs
  2. Internal rotation, horizontal adduction, extension of glenohumeral joint
  3. Pushes elbow together (stabilization)
  4. Proximal Radius
  5. TRUE flexion of the elbow

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  1. Rhomboid ActionAdduction and downward rotation


  2. Biceps Brachi ActionElbow Flexion, Suppination, weak shoulder joint flexor


  3. Deltoid Action, AnteriorAbduction, Flexion, Horizontal Adduction, Internal Rotation


  4. Trapezius OriginAnd head movement or rotation


  5. Levator Scapula InsertionElevate Scapula