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  1. Lattisimus Dorsi Origin
  2. Supraspinatus Origin
  3. Teres Minor Action
  4. Prectoralis Major Insertion
  5. Deltoid Insertion
  1. a Supraspinatus Fossa
  2. b Intertubercular groove of the humerus
  3. c Deltoid tuberosity
  4. d Stablilzation
  5. e Illium, sacrum, lumbar, and lower six thoracic

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  1. Lesser Tubercle of humerus
  2. Lip of intertubercular groove
  3. Posterior Scapula
  4. Lateral Clavicle
  5. Condyloid ridge of the humerus

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  1. Brachialis InsertionCoronoid Process of the Ulna


  2. Pectoralis Minor InsertionCoracoid Process


  3. Teres Minor InsertionGreater tubercle of humerus


  4. Supraspinatus ActionAbduction, Stabilization


  5. Petoralis. Minor ActionAbduction, Downward Rotation