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5 kids become DHIs (Disney Hosts Interactive) and at night they are transported into the park.

Disney Parks

Theme parks created by famed Walt Disney.

Walt Disney

The creator of Mickey Mouse and other famed characters, developed many rides for his theme parks across the globe.

Magic Kingdom

The main Disney Park with a collection of Walt's ideas.

Lawrence Finnegan Whitman (Finn)

Leader of the Kingdom Keepers, has feelings for Amanda Lockhart and Charlene Turner.

Amanda Lockhart

Same age as Finn, helps Finn locate the other Keepers, a Fairlie also known as fairly human because of her ability to levitate objects with out using her hands.

Charlene Turner

Blonde, Blue eye color, and drop-dead beautiful. The poster child of the keepers, loves Finn.

Terrance Maybeck

African American, lives with his Aunt Jelly who owns Crazy Glaze a pottery shop, believes every girl is attracted to him, a born artist.

Isabella Angelo (Willa)

Sweet, geeky, and smart, though she can be moody. Has a crush on Philby.

Dell Philby

Computer nerd, geeky, has a crush on Willa.

Jezebel (Jez or Jess)

Meets Finn at Disney's Wide World of Sports, Amanda's so-called sister. Also a fairlie who has the power of seeing the future, big threat to the Overtakers.


Villans and Disney characters who want to give up the happy Disney World and want to make it more...evil.


Harmful, evil, and hurtful. So-called Overtaker leader, also a green witch.


Disney Imagineer, created the idea of DHIs, teaches Finn to be a leader.


Leader of the Overtakers, highly feared.

Kingdom Keepers

A group of kids also known as DHIs who save the Disney parks, book series written by Ridley Pearson.

Ridley Pearson

Author of Kingdom Keepers (K.K.) and also wrote Peter and the Starcatchers.

It's a Small World

Disney ride with the annoying melody that drives adults crazy, boat ride that go's past many cultures of the world in Fantasyland, dolls try to attack Finn and the other keepers.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Adventure through a pirate's life as you travel into pirate territory in AdventureLand, on one of the original Disney rides, Maleficent and the OT's base.

Winnie the Pooh

Ride through Winnie the Pooh's 100 acre woods, meet Winnie the Pooh's friends in Fantasyland, almost drowns some of the keepers.

Splash Mountain

Travel through the watery areas of the south in a log boat, characters from the movie Song of the South, ride where Philby and Finn almost fall to their death in Frontierland.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Ride a train that goes through old mines and mountains, in old west town of Tumbleweed in Frontierland. Dinosaur attempts to kill Finn.

Space Mountain

Launch into space in a rocket, indoor roller coaster in TomorrowLand, where Maybeck is held captive by Jess and the Overtakers.


Disney Host Interactive or Daylight Holograming Images created by the Imagineers.

One Man's Dream

Shows Walt's many ideas, in Hollywood Studios, where Walt's quill is held.

The Stonecutters Quill

A made-up story about a stonecutter, the keepers first quest.

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