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1. What is Santa's height in this picture?
2. Write the season that reminds you of Santa Claus? ( spring, summer, fall, or winter )
3. Find the missing number. 23, 24, 25, ___, ___ , 28
4. Write the number of blocks shown below? ■■■■■,■■■■■,■■■■■,■■■■■,■■■■■,■■■■■,■■■■■,■■
5. What month makes you think of pilgrims and turkeys? ( November or May)
6. Count out 25 cents two different ways?
7. Does 25 cents = 5 cents + ______ cents
8. How many more Q's are there than R's (QQQQQRRRQQR)
9. 6:30pm. is this a good time to get up?
10. What date is a day before Christmas Day?

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