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city and countryside word list

el campo

the countryside, the field

la ciudad

the city

el barrio

the neighborhood

el vecindario

the neighborhood

la zona comercial

the business district

el rascacielos

the skyscraper

las afueras

The suburbs, the outskirts

la fábrica

the factory

la factoría

the factory, industrial complex, especially used in former colonies of Spain, ( RAE)

el obrero, obrera

the laborer, the worker

el trabajador, trabajadora

the worker. the laborer

el patrón, la patrona

the boss

el gerente

the manager

la jefa

the chief, the chief's wife

el jefe

the chief

el edificio

the building

la oficina

the office

el despacho

office, study

la zona industrial

industrial district

la zona residencial

residential district

el apartamento

the apartment

el departamento

the apartment

el piso

the flat, the apartment

el condominio

the condominium

casa privada

private residence

casa particular

private home

el cruce de peatones

the crosswalk

el paso de peatones

the crosswalk


acera, banqueta (Mex), vereda, anden

la acera

the sidewalk

la banqueta

the sidewalk (Mexican)

la vereda

the sidewalk (South America)

el andén

the sidewalk ( Colombia, Guatemala and Ecuador)


to walk


to cross (the street)


to lead to another street, intersection, or some other place


to take a walk




wide, broad



la esquina

the street corner

la calle

the street

la avenida

the avenue

el bulevar

the avenue, boulevard (b)

la plaza

the city or town square, the plaza

el barrio antiguo

the old section (of the city)/ historic

el barrio viejo

the old neighborhood/ historic

el peatón

the pedestrian

la estación del metro

the subway station

la boca del metro(politana)

the subway entrance

la entrada del metro

the subway entrance

la escalera mecánica

the escalator

el tique

the subway ticket ( borrowed from english)

el torniquete

the turnstile

la guagua

bus,( canary islands and the caribbean)

el camión

bus (Mex)

el autobús

the bus

el bus

the bus ( colloquial)

la buseta

the little bus (Col., C. Rica, Ec. y Ven)

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