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MED TERM CH 11( diagnostic terms)

abdominal ultrasonography
process of recording images of internal organs using high- frequency sound waves produced by a transducer placed on the skin covering the abdominal cavity
barium enema
serie of radiographic images taken of the large intestine after contrast agent was administered
endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
rediographic exam of the bilary ducts and pancreatic ducts with contrast media
upper GI series
series of rediographic images taken of the stomach and duodenum
endoscopic ultrasound
procedure using endoscope fitted with an ultrasound probe that provides images of layers of the intestinal wall
fecal occult blood tests
a test to detect occult blood in feces, used to screen for colon cancer or polyps
helicobacter pylori antibodies test
blodd test to determine the presence of bacteria