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The Equilibrium Constant

Dynamic Equilibrium
The reaction rate of the forward reaction is equal to the reaction rate of the backward reaction. It can only happen in a closed system at a constant temperature
Equilibrium Equation
aA + bB <---> dD + eE
The Equilibrium Constant
Kc = [D]d[E]e/[A]a[B]b
Increase in Temperature
Equilibrium shifts in endothermic direction to absorb heat
Decrease in Temperature
Equilibrium shift in exothermic direction to replace the lost heat
More Product Formed
Kc increases
Less Product Formed
Kc decreases
Concentration Change
If the concentration of one thing in the equilibrium mixture changes then the concentration of the others must change to keep Kc the same
Pressure Increase
Shifts equilibrium to side with fewer gas molecules, this reduces the pressure, therefore negating the effect
Pressure Decrease
Shifts equilibrium to side with more gas molecules, this increases the pressure, therefore negating the effect
Effect of a Catalyst
No effect, just speeds up the reaction