MXW - Computer - Chap 10

It's best to use three-factor authentication.
The International Organization for Standardization has developed two documents (____), which describe, in detail, the recommended standards to secure computer resources.
ISO 17799 and ISO 27002
As a defensive and offensive measure to protect against malicious software, install and run ____ software and keep it current.
When you are responsible for the security of a computer or small network, make it a habit to check every computer for which you are responsible every day.
A ____ virus is a combination of a boot sector virus and a file virus and can hide in either.
Don't use the same password on more than one system (computer, network, or application).
A(n) ____ account has complete access to the system and can make changes that affect the security of the system and other users.
A ____ virus can hide in either of two boot areas of a hard drive.
Boot sector
Individuals are always free to decide what security measures they want to use.
A(n) ____ account has read-write access only on its own folders, read-only access to most system folders, and no access to other users' data
____ is any annoying and unwanted program that might or might not mean you harm.
A ____ is assigned by a Certification Authority, and is used to prove you are who you say you are.
digital certificate
A(n)____ password means it is not easy to guess by both humans and computer programs designed to hack passwords.
A ____ is a small program contained in a document that can be automatically executed either when the document is first loaded or later by pressing a key combination.
Folders and files stored on a workstation or server that contain user data need to be classified as to the ____ assigned to the data.
Internet Explorer includes the pop-up blocker, the ability to manage add-ons, the ability to block scripts and disable scripts embedded in Web pages, and the ability to set the general security level.
When implementing a security plan, the four steps are sometimes called the ____.
Generally speaking, the weakest link in setting up security in a computer environment is ____.
For the health care industry, the ____ includes regulations to secure patient data that apply to all health care companies and professionals.
A network ____ map is one of the most powerful and versatile methods of communicating over a network.
A ____ is made of several words with spaces allowed.
Because of the problem of losing encrypted data and Internet passwords when a user password is reset, each new user should create a password ____ disk for use in the event the user forgets the password.
A Trojan sometimes installs a ____ in the system, which is a hidden way to allow malware to reach the system in secret even after the Trojan has been removed.
Most encryption software products use a method called ____.
Public Key Encryption
Most hard drive manufactures offer a ____ is used to wipe clean all data on the drive.
Zero-fill utility
In the computer arena, ____ is the practice of tricking people into giving out private information or allowing unsafe programs into the network or computer.
Social Enginerring