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  1. Cephalocaudal Muscle control
  2. Urinary Function in Newborn
  3. Retinal Blastoma
  4. Breasts
  5. Ballard Scoring System
  1. a high risk eye problem with leukemia patients
  2. b proceeds from head to foot
  3. c cannot be d/c until urinated, may take 24 hours, document
  4. d Preterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds
  5. e estiamtes infants gestational age by EXTERNAL characteristics and NEUROMUSCULAR development, MORE accurate than weight

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  1. pearly white pinpoint papules in the midline of upper palate, fluid filled, reslove sponataneously. (distinguish b/t Pearls and Thrush)
  2. diamond shape, located at junction of the parietal and frontal bones, CLOSE by 12-18mos
  3. can see black/white, prefers human face, can see 20/400, eyes are blue or gray until 4months, tears appear at 1-3mos, can fixate on points of interest up close
  4. opening in spine, spinal cord may protrude, in utero surgery
  5. normal to have moments of apnea under 20 secs

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  1. Mouth assessmentcleft lip/cleft pallet, check for gag reflex w/ glvoes


  2. Pretermless than 38 weeks


  3. Gestational Agepeeling of skin, occurs early


  4. Radiationwhite pin point pimples on nose and chin caused by obstruction of sebacceous glands


  5. Hydroceleexcessive fluid around testicles, fluid dark w/ flashlight= intestines dropped or testicle is twisted, surgery