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  1. Torticollis
  2. Bottle Feeding
  3. Cephalocaudal Muscle control
  4. Transcient Strabimus
  5. Measure Newborn Vitals every
  1. a proceeds from head to foot
  2. b 1-2 oz every 3-4hrs first week, stomach size of marble, 90ml/3oz
  3. c 15/30 min intervals, then hourly, and then every 4 to 8 hours
  4. d misaligned eyes, NORNAL unitl 3mos, will need surgery post 3mos
  5. e twisted neck, limited motion

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  1. 32-36cm
  2. high risk eye problem with leukemia patients
  3. before d/c and happens w/i 12 hours
  4. normal to have murmur
  5. un=ossified spaces or soft spots of the cranium of the young infant, allos molding during birth and brain growth for next 1 1/2 years

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  1. Circumcisiondone for religeous, prevention of UTI, and hygeine, controversial, limit oral intake 2-3 hrs prior to surgery


  2. Plantar CreasesPreterm-slick


  3. Post Termgreater than 42 weeks


  4. Palmar creasesshould have 2 crease, single crease less common, normal= M shape on hand


  5. Protective reflexesprotects airways and eyes