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  1. Newborn Head Shaping/Molding
  2. Sunken Fontanels
  3. RED Reflex
  4. Portwine Stain
  5. Strawbery Mark
  1. a malnutrition, dehydration, reduced intracranial pressure
  2. b over riding cranial bones, cone head from vagina, normal, resolves in 5 days if rotated, sutures are NOT fused
  3. c raised anywhere on body, fades or disappear by 18 mo
  4. d do not disappear, heriditary
  5. e used to detect cataracts in newborn eyes, Abnormal if light reflects of of it

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  1. from the center of the body to the periphery
  2. requires gentle stimulation such as RUBBING the abck, and NARCOTICS
  3. soft and composed of cartilage, joints are elastic, uncoordinated
  4. nare obstruction due to overgrowth of tissues, requires surgery
  5. post 2 hours of birth

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  1. Urinary Function in Newborncannot be d/c until urinated, may take 24 hours, document


  2. Syndactyly digitactual extra digit WITH bone, may have movement


  3. Female genitalisPreterm- labia monora and majoris same size
    Post term- Majora covers minora


  4. Caput Succedaneumlosing heat by direct skin contact with a cold surface


  5. Fontanelsinvoluntary eye movements, eyes may jump or wiggle, NORMAL until 3mos