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  1. Juandice therapy
  2. Breasts
  3. Breast Milk jaundice
  4. Apgar score less than 3
  5. Moro Reflex
  1. a sunbstance in mothers milk can lead to juandice
  2. b the newborn needs ACTIVE resuscitaiton with an added score chart of minutes, o2, PPV,NCPAP, ETT, Chest Compression, Epinephrine
  3. c sunlight, frequent feedings, bili lights, phototherapy
  4. d Preterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds
  5. e startle reflex

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  1. big toe moves toward top surface of foot while smaller toe fans out
  2. normal to have murmur
  3. Large for gestational age due to genetics, maternal weight gain, and or diabetes
  4. rectally, then axillary
  5. losing heat of liquids from the skin (sweat)

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  1. Maintain INfant Temperature bysunlight, frequent feedings, bili lights, phototherapy


  2. Natural bonding occursNOT Normal, bluish coloration of lips and face


  3. Physiological jaundiceNormal-yellow tinge to eyes and skin


  4. Thermoregulationthe act of keeping the newborn temperature under control


  5. Rectal temperature 97-97.6wrap in 2 blankets, put aht on, or Kangaroo care, reassess in 1 hour