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  1. Bottle Feeding
  2. Dubowitz Maturation Assessment
  3. Surfactant
  4. Syndactyly digit
  5. Juandice therapy
  1. a Level of Maturation, how well developed at bierth and the ability ofr the organs to work out of utero
  2. b chemical in preterm babys' lungs
  3. c sunlight, frequent feedings, bili lights, phototherapy
  4. d 1-2 oz every 3-4hrs first week, stomach size of marble, 90ml/3oz
  5. e Fusing or Webbing of digits (sign of royalty from England)

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  1. 38-42 weeks
  2. losing heat by being near a cold surface but NOT in direct contact with it
  3. standardized method of evaluating the newborn's condition 1 and 5 minutes after birth.
  4. Preterm/thin/transparent
    Post term/dry/peeling
  5. Maintain Cardio, clear airway, assess breathing, asiist with depth of respirations, crying, color of baby

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  1. Hydrocelestartle reflex


  2. NOrmal Newborn EYE findingsretinal or subconjunctival hemmorhages, lid edema and lid eversion, blood shot eyes


  3. BUBBLEnursing goals(breast, uterus, bottom, bowels, lochia, edema)


  4. Gestational Ageactual time in the uterus


  5. Protective reflexesprotects airways and eyes


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