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  1. Acrocyanosis
  2. Mouth assessment
  4. Epstein Pearls
  5. Erythema Toxicum
  1. a nursing goals(breast, uterus, bottom, bowels, lochia, edema)
  2. b peripheral blueness of hands and feet, normal
  3. c pearly white pinpoint papules in the midline of upper palate, fluid filled, reslove sponataneously. (distinguish b/t Pearls and Thrush)
  4. d cleft lip/cleft pallet, check for gag reflex w/ glvoes
  5. e spotchy erythema with firm yellow white papules that have a red base

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  1. Preterm- smooth
    Post term- rugae and wrinkles
  2. chemical in preterm babys' lungs
  3. post 2 hours of birth
  4. Preterm-slick
  5. protects airways and eyes

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  1. BreastsPreterm-no tissue under breast
    Post term- has breast buds


  2. Hyperbilirubinemianewborn uses glucose to keep warm s/s= shaking and jittering


  3. Thermoregulationthe act of keeping the newborn temperature under control


  4. Posterior Fontaneltriangular, located b/t the occipital and parietal bones, SMALLER than the anterior. CLOSE by the 2nd mo


  5. Physiological jaundiceNOT Normal, secondary to abnormal condition such as AB)-Rh incompatibility, ethnic, or genetic factors, liver defect