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  1. Preterm
  2. Retinal Blastoma
  3. Apgar Heart rate (Pulse)
  4. Major site of Infant Heat Loss
  5. Umbilical Cord
  1. a absent-0
    Below 100-1
    Above 100- 2
  2. b the head, put a cap on
  3. c high risk eye problem with leukemia patients
  4. d lifeline in utero, attached to placenta had three main vessels (AVA), length 22"(55cm), plastic clamp for 24 hr, report issues, should not leak yellow or green, falls off in 1-2 weeks, sponge bath only
  5. e less than 38 weeks

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  1. raised anywhere on body, fades or disappear by 18 mo
  2. from birth trauma, crepitus and pain, callus forms in 7-10 days, heals in 4-6 weeks
  3. big toe moves toward top surface of foot while smaller toe fans out
  4. wrap in 2 blankets, put aht on, or Kangaroo care, reassess in 1 hour
  5. Preterm-fuzzy
    Post term- fuzz melted

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  1. Gestational Agelosing heat by being near a cold surface but NOT in direct contact with it


  2. Male GenitalisPreterm- smooth
    Post term- rugae and wrinkles


  3. RED Reflexstartle reflex


  4. Urinary frequency in a newborn3-4x a day for a few, then 6-10x after hydrated


  5. LanugoPreterm- springs slowly, no cartliage
    Post term- springs back quickly-cartilage