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  1. Rectal temperature under 97
  2. Clubfoot
  3. Cephalhematoma
  4. Rectal temperature 97-97.6
  5. Hip dislocation
  1. a protrudes from beneath the scalp, may be seen on both sides of head, DOES NOT cross suture line, recedes spontaneously a few weeks later.
  2. b wrap in 2 blankets, put aht on, or Kangaroo care, reassess in 1 hour
  3. c place infant in warmer
  4. d hip click double diaper
  5. e foot is down and in, needs cast and surgery

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  1. skin tag WITHOUT BONE, will tie off and die
  2. baby abduction
  3. post 2 hours of birth
  4. Maintain Cardio, clear airway, assess breathing, asiist with depth of respirations, crying, color of baby
  5. losing heat by being near a cold surface but NOT in direct contact with it

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  1. Palmar creasesPKU, Hep B, Vit K, Hearing Test


  2. 5 objecitves for Apgar grading1-2 oz every 3-4hrs first week, stomach size of marble, 90ml/3oz


  3. Tonic neck reflexused to detect cataracts in newborn eyes, Abnormal if light reflects of of it


  4. Ear38-42 weeks


  5. Ballard Scoring Systemestiamtes infants gestational age by EXTERNAL characteristics and NEUROMUSCULAR development, MORE accurate than weight