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BI 202 test 3

Jonah, Amos, and Hosea
God's message to all the world, Repentance, and God's compassion
What are the themes of Jonah?
Jeroboam II
During whose reign was Jonah written?
Amos, Hosea, and Jonah
Who are the writing prophets?
Elisha and Elijah
Who were the other prophets?
Speaks against those who exploit the needy, reprove Israel for her sins and to show God's chastising, reveals to Israel God's ultimate blessing of his earthly reign.
What are the purposes of Amos?
How many sermons are against Israel?
Swarm of locust, fire, wall and plumliine, basket of ripe fruit, and God standing by the alter
What were the five visions of coming judgement?
the wall and plumline
Which vision does God use?
Who was a Northern prophet?
God's judgement, God's love, and restoration
Theme of Hosea?
When did the Northern fall to the Assyrians?
Who was Hosea's wife?
Whose name means God scatters?
Whose name means no mercy?
Whose name means not my people?
No truth, no mercy, and willfully ignorant
What are the causes of a broken covenant?
How many cycles of judgment and salvation in the book of Hosea?
The conspiring King
What nickname did Shallum have?
The king hated in his own town
What nickname did Menahem have?
Who died of a natural death?
The puppet king
What was Pekahiah's nickname?
Who was the Assyrian servant king?
The king of the Assyrian captivity
What was Hoshea's nickname?
Heathen were mixed with Israelite populace
How was the Samaritan race created?