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Hope I got them right - I don't have my French book with me :-S Sorry it's a bit late, hope it's still useful. Probably tick all of the ignore options, I don't think typing punctuation matters :D

Il faut, autant qu'on peut, obliger tout le monde:

One should, as much as one can, be kind to others:

On a souvent besoin d'un plus petit que soi

One often needs someone smaller than oneself

De cette verite deux fables feront foi,

Of this truth two fables bear witness,

Tant la chose en preuves abonde

As evidence abounds of this truth

Entre les pattes d'un Lion

Under the paws of a lion

Un Rat sortit de terre assez a l'etourdie.

A rat jumped out of the ground quite carelessly.

Le Roi des animaux en cette occasion

The king of the animals, on this occasion

Montra ce qu'il etait, et lui donna la vie

Showed who he was, and spared the rat his life

Ce bienfait ne fut pas perdu

This benefit was not lost

Quelqu'un aurait-il jamais cru

Would anyone have ever thought

Qu'un lion d'un Rat eut affaire?

That a lion would spare a rat?

Cependent il advint qu'au sortir des forets

As the lion was leaving the woods

Ce Lion fut pris dans de rets,

The lion was caught in nets,

Dont ses rugissements ne le purent defaire

Which his roars could not undo

Sire Rat accourut, et fit tant par ses dents

Sir Rat ran to him, and with his teeth

Qu'une maille rongee emporta tout l'ouvrage

Gnawed all of the net's stitching

Patience et longuer de temps

Patience and time

Font plus que force ni que rage

Do more than force or anger

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