16 terms

Magruder's American Government Chapter 14

Executive Article
The part of the constitution (Article II) that establishes the presidency and gives the executive power of the Federal Government to the President.
mass media
Forms of communication, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet designed to reach mass audiences.
imperial presidency
Critic's term for the strong use of presidential power in ways that enable the President to evade the will of Congress; president is seen as emperor taking strong actions without consulting Congress or seeking its approval.
oath of office
a promise the president makes on the day he takes office, pledging to "faithfully execute" the office and "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution.
executive order
a directive, rule, or regulation from the President that has the effect of law.
Ordinance Power
Power of the president to issue executive orders.
a formal agreement between two or more sovereign states that requires the approval of 2/3 of the Senate.
executive agreement
a pact between the President and the head of a foreign state or between their subordinates, which does not require Senate consent.
Presidential power whereby the President acknowledges the legal existence of a country and its government; can be used as a weapon in foreign relations.
persona non grata
a person who is not welcome; a diplomatic representative who is unacceptable because the President is showing America's displeasure with the conduct of their country.
line-item veto
the power of the President to veto individual lines or items within a piece of legislation without vetoing the entire bill; struck down by Supreme Court as unconstitutional.
presidential power for postponement of the execution of a sentence.
presidential power to grant legal forgiveness of a crime.
presidential power to grant reprieves and pardons (mercy or leniency) to an offender in cases involving federal offenses.
presidential pardoning power to reduce (commute) the length of a sentence or fine imposed by a court.
presidential pardoning power that is in effect a blanket pardon offered to a group of law violators.