25 terms

Sermons Revolution 1

25 Vocabulary on the American Revolution
Wrong Hill at Boston
"Don't' Shoot Until You see the Whites of their Eyes"
American Commander Said this/Low on Ammo
Benedict Arnold
American Traitor/Hero of Ticonderoga
Small Pox
Disease which laid American Troops low at Quebec
River at Trenton
Sneak Goods in to avoid taxes
American Revolution
War which ended in 1783
Treaty of Paris of 1783
Official Document to end Revolution
Nathaniel Greene
Underrated American General/ Victor in South
Quartering Act
Forced to House and Feed Soldiers
Won the Seven Years War
Lost the Seven Years War
Charles Cornwallis
General Surrounded and Surrendered at Yorktown
Intolerable Acts
4 laws passed to punish the colonists for Tea Party
Continental Congress
Government in Philadelphia
Home Field Advantage
Sports term which allowed Americans to gain supplies /knowledge of terrain/Trick British/Reason Americans won war
Guerilla Warfare
Use of Camouflage/Hiding/Native American Fighter Style
French Navy Blockaded Brits Here and they surrender
American Ally who sent us supplies/commanders/money and Their Navy
King George III
King of England Who declaration of Independence addressed to
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote Declaration of Independence
Boston Tea Party
was a protest which involved the destruction of a taxed beverage to keep the colonists from buying it.
Proclamation Line
was an invisible border meant to keep the colonists east of the Appalachian mountains.
Stamp Act
was a tax on any good or document made out of paper. It was repealed in 1765 due to massive protests.
Boston Massacre
started as a snowball attack on occupying British troops in Massachusetts.