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  1. acetylcholine esterase
  2. Agonist
  3. beta agonist
  4. effects of sympathetic ns (fight or flight)
  1. a act directly on the receptor
  2. b same
  3. c -stops the action of ACh
  4. d -increase HR
    -increased BP
    -pupils dilate
    -decreased digestion

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  1. block the receptor
  2. anticholinergic drug used to increase heart rate. overdosing or side effects have the opposite effect of the parasympathetic ns
  3. acetylcholine (ACh)
  4. block the muscarine receptors on the smooth muscle in the bonchioles, causing bronchodilation
  5. mimic the sympathetic system

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  1. PNS-Nerves outside of brain and spinal cord
    *Somatic or voluntary (sketetal muscle)
    *Autonomic (smooth and cardiac muscles and glands)


  2. Acetylcholine (ACh)parasympathetic transmitter


  3. what causes smooth muscle to contract?parasympathetic ns releasing ACh at the smooth muscle receptor


  4. sympatholytic drug subgroups-alpha blocker-doxazosin-HTN
    -Beta blocker-propranolol atenolol-HTN


  5. sympathomimetic drugsmimic the sympathetic system