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  1. Anticholineric drugs
  2. what are the effects of the sympathetic ns releasing NE at the beta -1, alpha and beta-2 receptors on the smooth muscle?
  3. beta agonist
  4. effects of sympathetic ns (fight or flight)
  5. Acetylcholine (ACh)
  1. a -increase HR
    -increased BP
    -pupils dilate
    -decreased digestion
  2. b -block actelecholine drugs
    -prevent bronch constriction (not dilate)
    *atropine, ipratropium bromide MDI/SVN
  3. c same
  4. d -bronchodilation
    -vasoconstriction in the vasular system
    -increase HR and force of hearts contraction
  5. e parasympathetic transmitter

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  1. vasopresser (dopamine)
  2. controls involuntary actions
    -heart bronchial, smooth muscle, GI, reproductive, vasomotor tone
  3. block parasymphathetic nerves
  4. act directly on the receptor
  5. -stops the action of ACh

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  1. what is used to paralyze a patient?nicotinic blockers
    -used for intubation or for pt fighting vent


  2. beta 2 agonistcause dilation in lungs


  3. effects of parasympathetic ns (rest and digest)-increase HR
    -increased BP
    -pupils dilate
    -decreased digestion


  4. Atropineanticholinergic drug used to increase heart rate. overdosing or side effects have the opposite effect of the parasympathetic ns


  5. what causes smooth muscle to contract?parasympathetic ns releasing ACh at the smooth muscle receptor