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  1. sympathomimetics
  2. Nervous system
  3. sympathomimetic drugs
  4. Somatic nervous system
  5. Anticholinergic
  1. a -epinephrine-anaphylaxis
    -dobtamine-heart failure
    -phenylephrine-nasal congestion-increase BP
    -beta 2 agonist-asthma
  2. b controls sketel muscle(efferent)
  3. c mimic the sympathetic system
  4. d block parasymphathetic nerves
  5. e CNS- brain and spinal
    PNS- nerves outside of brain and spinal cord

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  1. sympathetic transmitter
  2. block the receptor
  3. same
  4. sensory nerves, carry sensory info back to the brain
  5. cause dilation in lungs

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  1. Agonistact directly on the receptor


  2. Autonomicsame


  3. anticholinergicsame


  4. beta 1 agonistcause dilation in lungs


  5. sympatholytic drug subgroups-alpha blocker-doxazosin-HTN
    -Beta blocker-propranolol atenolol-HTN