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  1. Afferent nerves
  2. beta agonist
  3. parasympatholytic
  4. PNS
  5. alpha agonist
  1. a vasopresser (dopamine)
  2. b same
  3. c sensory nerves, carry sensory info back to the brain
  4. d blocks the parasympathetic ns
  5. e -Nerves outside of brain and spinal cord
    *Somatic or voluntary (sketetal muscle)
    *Autonomic (smooth and cardiac muscles and glands)

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  1. -stops the action of ACh
  2. -epinephrine-anaphylaxis
    -dobtamine-heart failure
    -phenylephrine-nasal congestion-increase BP
    -beta 2 agonist-asthma
  3. same causes bronchodilation
  4. same
  5. controls involuntary actions
    -heart bronchial, smooth muscle, GI, reproductive, vasomotor tone

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  1. antiagonistact directly on the receptor


  2. effects of parasympathetic ns (rest and digest)-decrease HR and contractability
    -bronchoconstriction (spasms)
    -increase muscus
    -lower BP
    -pupils constrict
    -increase GI activity
    -bladder constricts


  3. beta 2 agonistcause dilation in lungs


  4. Anticholinergicblock parasymphathetic nerves


  5. preganglionic synapseblock the receptor