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CGS2100 Final Exam Ch. 12

CGS2100 Tyson FSU Ch. 12
a group of two or more computers (or nodes) that are configured to share information and resources such as printers, files, and databases.
Network administrators
have training in computer and peripheral maintenance and repair, networking design, and the installation of networking software.
a computer that request the resources
contains servers as well as client computers.
Users are responsible for creating their own data backups and providing security for their computers.
All clients connected to a server that perform tasks for them.
Local Area Network (LAN)
a group of computers and peripherals linked together over a relatively small geographic area
Wide Area Network (WAN)
comprise large numbers of users or separate LAN's that are miles apart.
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Sometimes Government organizations establish WAN's to link users in a specific geographic area. Are implemented as wireless networks that provide internet access within large portions of cities.
Personal Area Network
A network used to connect wireless devices that are in close proximity of each other.
a private network set up by an entity that is used exclusively by a select group of indviiduals.
An area of an intranet that only certain corporations or individuals can access.
Virtual Private Network
uses the public internet communications infrastructure to build a secure, private network among various locations.
Authentication Server
is a server that keeps track of who is logging on to the network and which services on the network are available to each user.
File Server
A server that stores and manages files for network users.
Dedicated Server
A server used to fulfill one specific function
Print Server
Manage all client-requested printing jobs for all printers on the network helps client computers to complete more productive work by relieving them of printing duties.
Application Server
acts as a repository for application software.
Database Server
provides client computers with access to Information stored in a database.
Web Server
Used to host a web site so it will be available through the internet.
Bus Topology
all computers are connected in sequence on a single cable.
Passive topology
The data travels the entire length of the medium and is received by all network devices
a device that absorbs a signal so that it is not reflected back onto parts of the network that have already received it
Ring Topology
are laid out in a circular configuration which data flows around the circle from device to device.
Data (Ring topology) is passed using a special data packet Only one computer can hold the _____ at a time and passes it on when it is finished transmitting data.
Star Topology
Most widely deployed client/server network layout in homes and business because it offers the most flexibility for a low price. Nodes connect to a central communications called a switch.
Hybrid Topology
Combining multiple topologies into one network.
amount of data that can be transmitted across a transmission medium in a certain amount of time.
Twisted Pair Cable
Consist of pairs o copper wires twisted around each other and covered by a protective sheath.
virtually immune to any interference and uses light to transmit data.
Network Operating system (NOS)
special software that needs to be installed on each client computer and server connected to the network to provide the services necessary for them to communicate.
Network Interface card
A network adapter installed inside the computer
Network adapters
Devices that perform specific tasks to enable computers to communicate on a network.
Wireless Network interface card
A computer that connects to the network using wireless access needs to have a special network adapter card.
Wireless Access point (WAP)
gives wireless devices a sending and receiving connection point to the network
Media Access Control (MAC) Address
Each network adapter has a physical address similar to a serial number on an appliance called _______.
Is a container that can hold multiple data packets.
a device that is used to send data between these different collision domain.
Designed to send information between two networks.
Packet Screening
involves examining incoming data packets to ensure that they originated from or are authorized by valid users on the internal network.
Bastion Host
a heavily secured server located on a special perimeter network between the company's secure internal network and the firewall
Proxy Server
acts as a go-between, connecting computers on the internal network with those on the external network.