40 terms

CIS126DL Chapter 7

The Shell
It encompasses various ways you can cause shell to alter where standard input of a command comes from & where standard output goes to.
It is the execution of a command by Linux.
It means to connect standard output of one command to standard input of another command.
What command displays the line containing string you specify?
What command processes an input stream of data to produce an output stream of data?
What command will save a copy of standard input in a file named who.out and also send a copy to standard output?
What command will call up a series of one or more commands that can be connected by pipes?
What command will make data disappear?
What command will suspend a foreground job?
This command will move process to background called ...
This command will moves process to foreground called ...
This command maps one string of characters to another called ...
What command will abort a foreground job?
PID number
It is a large number assigned by the operating system.
Commands that require arguments give a short error message called a _______, when you use them without arguments.
Usage message
CONTROL-D signals
end of file (EOF).
Your permissions allow you to write to a file but not delete it. What command will empty the file without invoking an editor?
$ cat /dev/null > filename
Syntax for basic command line
command [arg1] [arg1]...[argn} RETURN
It suspends a running job in the foreground.
It's known as a bit bucket.
To run a job in the background, type an ____ just before the RETURN that ends the command line.
& (ampersand)
Which flag for the tail command is often used to view log files?
list long
ls -l
list reverse
ls -r
list human-readable
list horizontally rows
ls -x
What is the standard input channel?
Using sort as a filter, rewrite the following sequence of commands: $ sort list > temp
$ lpr temp
$ cat list | sort | lpr
An option to a command is an argument that modifies the effects of a command.
This will erase a character.
This command will kill a line.
It will erase a word.
It will interrupt a key.
List the files in the working directory in their reverse alphabetical order.
ls -r
This key will redirect output symbol.
It will redirect input symbol.
It is an appending standard output symbol.
It is an appending standard input symbol.
Create a file named book that contains the contents of two other files: part1 and part2.
$ ls
part 1 part2
$ cat park [12] > book
The less utility displays text one screen at a time. To view another screen, press the _____.
space bar