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Fundamental Printer Scanners-chp7

What is a printer?
Copies of electronic Files
What is a scanner?
Convert paper documents into electronic files
Why does an understanding of operation help a technician?
So the tech can check what changes were made to the device
What questions could a customer ask a technician to do for them?
Select a printer
Install & configure a printer
What three types of printers are common in today's use?
Ink Jet/ Laser/ Impact Prnters
What are characteristics that every technician should know before recommending a printer?
How is speed measured?
Page per minute
How is quality measured?
(dpi) dots per inch
What options are considered when looking at reliability?
-scheduled service
-(MTBF) mean time between failure
What factors should be considered when looking at total cost of ownership?
-capacity -quality
-speed -reliability
-color -cost
List and briefly describe the interfaces that a technician can connect a pc and a printer.
-(scsi)small computer system interface
-firewire (high speed communication
List the 6 steps involved in the LaserJet printing cycle
1 cleaning
2 conditioning
3 writing
4 developing
5 transferring
6 fusing
Describe the process of the LaserJet printing cycle
P 246-----in cisco BOOK
Before working on any LaserJet printer, what should a technician always do?
Make sure VOLTAGE is properly discharged
Describe an impact printer and list examples
Print heads strike the ink ribbon causing character to be printed
-Daisy Wheel
-Dot Matrix
List advantages and disadvantages for impact printers
-cheap consumables -noisy
-continuous-feed paper -low resolution
-carbon copy printing -limited color capability
capability -slow print
Describe the inkjet printer process
spray ink onto a page through tiny holes called nozzles, the ink is sprayed in a pattern on the page
Describe the thermal inkjet nozzle
pulse of electrical current is applied to heating chambers around the nozzles & onto the paper
Describe the piezoelectric inkjet nozzle
crystals are located in the ink reservoir at the back of each nozzle
Describe the solid-ink printer process
Spray ink through nozzles
**use solid sticks of ink****
Describe the thermal printer process
Thermal paper becomes black when heated
*******chemically treated & waxy quality
Describe the dye-sublimation printer process
print head passes over a sheet of cyan, magenta, yellow & clear overcoat (CMYO)
What is available on the manufacturer CD that comes with a purchased printer?
Configuration Info
List the steps in the installation process of printers
~connect to computer/ network/ or print server
~Find out if a newer driver is avail.(printer website)
~Download driver(usually zipped or compressed
~Install driver
~Test new printer Driver
What are the two ways to setup a printer?
1-Dedicated computer
2-Small network
3-Intergrated into the printer
Why do you not plug a printer into a UPS?
Power surge occurs when printer is turned on
*****damage UPS unit*******
What is a driver?
software programs
Where can you find drivers?
comes with printer or website of manufacture
What is firmware?
set of instructions stored on teh printer
Why would a technician want to add memory to a printer?
improve printing to speed
List some common configurations that may be set up on a printer.
~paper type
~print quality
~color printing
~paper orientation
What tools are available to optimize performance?
~print spool settings=> cancel/pause print jobs
~Color calibration => adjust settings
~paper orientation=>select landscape or portrait
What should a technician always do after installing a printer?
print test page
What must all computers who share a printer have?
correct driver installed
List the different types of scanners
~all in one
What file type do most scanners use?
RBG image
What does the term all-in-one device entail?
combination device:
~>scans,prints,send fax, copies
Describe how a flatbed scanner works and list an example of its use.
Coverts hard copy data or image to electronic image
List advantages of having a handheld scanner, Example of its use
SMALL~drag text in book or material to collect digital image. EX: grocery scanner/
Describe how a drum scanner works and list an example of its use.
spins film around a drum or beam of lights capture the images as it spins
List steps of installation of a scanner
~install driver
How are scanners powered?
AC wall outlet
How does a technician install the drivers for a scanner?
using driver software provided by manufacture or website
List some common configurations that may be set up on a scanner.
~color,gray,black & white scanning
~one touch scanning
~quality & resolution choice
~sheet feeder
What does calibration mean with a scanner?
compares scanners output
What is the definition of preventive maintenance?
maintain components, dusts, particles, by cleaning devices or changing parts
Where can the maintenance schedule of a printer be found?
What is the most importance preventive maintenance task for a scanner?
With a scanner or printer, a technician must be able to determine what when troubleshooting?
establish the problem