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a person whom a member of Congress has been elected to represent


elected official that is already in office


a vote of formal disapproval of a member's actions

bicameral legislature

A two-chamber legislature


The minimum number of members who must be present to permit a legislative body to take official action


a proposed law


a population count


the process of reassigning representation based on population, after every census


an assistant to the party floor leader in the legislature


to set up new district lines after reapportionment is complete

majority leader

the Speaker's top assistant whose job is to help plan the majority party's legislative program and to steer important bills through the House


a period of time during which a legislature meets to conduct business


a private meeting of party leaders to choose candidates for office


a schedule that lists the order in which bills will be considered in congress


To draw a district's boundaries to gain an advantage in elections


as a whole; for example, statewide

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