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New Testament Chapter 4

Daily Life; Life during Jesus' time
Women, Tax Collectors, Glutons & Drunkards, and the Sick/Lepers
People who were looked down upon during Jesus' time
Matthew and Zaccheus
Name two tax collectors that Jesus hung out with
A Political Group located in the temple of Jerusalem
A political Group who had a chief priest, Caiphas
Believed in the Torah (Pentateuch) only; believed in no resurrection
1st 5 books of the bible
Political group not mentioned in the Bible
Political group that left Jerusalem to live austerely in the desert by the Dead Sea; withdrew from society
Political group that wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls
John the Baptist
Person of New Testament that was thought to be an Essene
Political group that managed the synagogue
Strict Political group that lived throughout Bible Land that made up a lot of rules
political group that believed in more than the Torah; believed in the resurrection
"terrorists" of Bible Land; had many revolts and small acts of terror
hated the Romans; strong emotions
Simon the Apostle
New Testament Character that was a Zealot
Where would you speak Hebrew?
Where would you speak Greek?
Where would you speak Aramaic?
Where would you speak Latin?
Aramaic for Dad
Aramaic for Imbecile
Aramaic for Be Opened
Talitha Koum
Aramaic for "Little girl, arise"
Aramaic for Place of the Skull
Eloi, Eloi, Lema Sabachtani
Aramaic for "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?"
Herod the Great
Ruler of all Palestine when Jesus was an infant; ruled all three regions
Herod Antipas
Ruler of Galilee when Jesus was an adult
Herod Antipas
Ordered to have John the Baptist beheaded
Herod Antipas
Married his brother's wife
Pontius Pilate
Procurator appointed after Herod the Great's son was asked to step down from the throne of Judea; Ruler of Judea
pork, non-kosher foods, meat and dairy together, and shellfish
What foods are orthodox Jews not allowed to eat?
Bread, meat (on special occasions), Fish, Fruit and Nuts, and Wine
What foods were common foods that Jews ate?
Water was not always sanitary b/c of the poor sewage systems; alcohol kills germs
Why did people drink wine more instead of Water?
Reclining on the floor
How did the Jewish men eat?
serve the men
What did the Jewish women do during a meal?
city where temple was located
region where the temple was located
region that sadducees were found
Jesus was born in this region
Jesus grew up in this region
Jordan River
John the baptist baptized in this river
Chief priest of Sadducees
sheep, goats, donkeys, mules, cows, chicken, oxen, and camels
Name the 8 possible animals that were found in Jewish homes
bushel basket
common item in a Jewish home that was used as a "table", chair, or something to carry things
Camel hair cloak
a common clothing item in Palestine that was very stiff and heavy
olive oil lamp
a common item in Jewish homes that was used for light and a "candle"
where they kept their belongings in their home that needed to be stowed away
stone pillow and mat
Jews slept on...
wattling roof
many Jews slept on this on really hot summer nights (give the correct term!)
adobe brick
Jewish homes' walls were made of this
wattling roof
logs and tightly woven palms on top of a house to avoid leaks
dirt/earth floor
What types of floors were in Jewish homes?
ovens and wells
Name two other things that Jews used commonly, but were not located in the home
12 1/2
About how old were women when they got married?
What age were men married by?
1 year
What was the common betrothal period?
arranged, agree
Marriages were often __________, but both the man and the woman had to _________ to be married.
fisherman or carpenter
Name a "Kosher" occupation
Tax Collector, Perfume Salesman, Tanner
Name the three "Non-Kosher" occupations
they were traitors
Why were the tax collectors not well-liked?
they sold to prostitutes
Why were the perfume salesmen not well-liked?
they had to work with pee; they smelled:)
Why were the tanners not well liked?
Who held jobs?