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Math Chapter Nine (Pre Calc Honors)

What does an arithmetic sequence have?
A common diffrence wether posotive or negative
Always adding (even if a negative number)
For finding "nth" term in Arithmetic sequnce formula is?
an=a1 + (n-1)d where d is the common diffrence
What is the senes formula for an arithmetic sequence?
Sn= n/2 * (a1/an)
What is a geometiric sequence
A sequence where the numbers are multiplied by the same thing every time
For findig the "nth term in a goemetric sequence formula is?
an= a1 * r^ (n-1)
What is the Sn formula for a geometric sequence?
Sn= a1 * [ (1- r^n) / (1-r) ]
What is the infinity S formua for goemetric sequence?
S infinity= a1/ (1-r); if IrI < 1
What is step one
Show true for n=1
What is step two
Assume true for n=k
What is step three
Show true for n= k+1
What is step four
It has been shown to be true by inductice proofs