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Access 2

A new calculated field uses the formatting of the field(s) used in the expression.
Which of the following is possible if referential integrity is enforced within a one-to-many relationship?
Deleting a record from the many table if there is a related record in the one table
Which is the correct expression for calculating 20 percent of the existing field Cost?
In a query, to sort Z to A by Department (outermost), then A to Z by Lastname (innermost),
Department would be to the left of Lastname in the query design grid.
The field on the one side of a one-to-many relationship is typically the primary key in that table.
To create a crosstab query based on two tables, you must
create a select query on which to base the crosstab query.
Which of the following would NOT be displayed for a criteria of R*d?
Text criteria in a query are not case sensitive.
If you want the records in a table to be sorted by last name and then by first name within each last name, you would need to
sort Lastname as the outermost field in ascending order.
In a query design, the Totals button can also be used to group (summarize) nonnumeric data.
Sorting a table in descending order by a Last Name field would NOT
sort ONLY the Last Name field, thus mixing up the records.
To create a copy of a database, Access 2010 requires you to use a closed database file rather than Save As.
To find a contribution amount of $300 or greater, the entry in the Amount field's criteria should be
When looking for a date during the week beginning 8/2/2015 and ending 8/8/2015, which of the following would be the correct criteria?
Between 8/2/2015 and 8/8/2015
The Zoom dialog box allows more working space into which to type a calculation.
Which of the following is NOT a function that can be used with the Totals button?
Which of the following expressions would correctly add a calculated field named Discount that is 20 percent of the Price field?
Discount: [Price]*0.20
When Baseball is placed on the Criteria row of the Sport field and Football is placed on the OR row for the same field, the only way to specify scholarship amounts greater than $400 for both sports is to
enter >400 on both the Criteria and OR rows in the field for the scholarship amount.
Placing criteria for two different fields on the Criteria row creates an AND condition.
Queries are most often created as a basis for a report, but query results can be printed like any other table of data.
Which of the following is NOT true regarding security alerts?
They can be resolved permanently by most college users in the Trust Center.
If the field list is too small in the Relationships window, double-click the title bar to automatically resize the list.
Regarding the sorting of query results, which of the following is FALSE?
Only the sort order specified in Datasheet view is saved with the query design.
Which of the following is NOT a true statement regarding a select query?
A complex select query should be created using the Query Wizard.
Relationships are established based on key fields.
Sort order for a query is saved with the query design, whether the sort was specified in the design grid or in Datasheet view.
Every field included in the query design grid must appear in the query result.
Where can you view the security and privacy settings for Access?
Trust Center
To locate records in which a field is left blank, what should be used as the criteria for that field?
Is Null
Which is the primary advantage of creating a new query based on an existing query?
It saves time if your new query uses the same fields as the existing query.
Sorting a table in Ascending order on the State field would result in Alaska displaying before California.
A crosstab query summarizes a large amount of data into a small, easy-to-read space.
When referential integrity is enforced, small symbols indicate which is the one table and which is the many table within the relationship.
The address 123 Main Street would NOT display using the criteria
?? Main St??
When searching for "Red" or "Rad" or "Rid" or "Rod", but NOT "Rodney" or "Reed" or "Ron", which of the following criteria should be used?
In Query Design view, the Show Table command is used to add tables to the design grid.
Access will automatically add quotes around a dollar amount used as a criteria.
In addition to a one-to-many relationship, tables can also have a one-to-one relationship.
Sort order in Datasheet view overrides the sort order in Design view.
When sorting a table in Datasheet view, Access allows only one sort field per table.
When creating an OR condition for the values in a single field, you must enter the word OR in the criteria row.
In query criteria, when searching for a single unknown character, use the ? character.
In a query, you should not enter dollar signs in the query criteria.
The table or tables from which a query selects its data are referred to as the data source.
When establishing a relationship, common fields do NOT necessarily need to have
the same field name.
Because fields are only added to the right of the design grid, to add a field between existing fields requires you to clear the grid and start over.
You can sort query results only in Design view.
When you are searching for a numbered street address on Maple, but aren't sure whether it's Maple Avenue, Maple Street, or Maple Way, which of the following criteria would you use?
When printing tables, Access automatically includes the table name in the footer of the printout.
The advantage of using calculated fields in a query is the need for fewer fields in the database and increased flexibility.