Object Pronouns: 1st and 2nd Person

Translate REMEMBER: Object pronouns go BEFORE the conjugated verb! 2 EXCEPTIONS: *Positive Command (after verb) *Infinitive (before infinitive)
je ne vous regarde pas
I'm not looking at YOU PLURAL).
Look at (to a friend) ME.
ne nous regarde pas
Don't look at ( to a friend) US
il nous regarde
He's looking at US.
Look at (to a friend) US.
je vais vous parler.
I'm going to talk to YOU (ADULT).
je vais te parler
I'm going to talk to YOU (FRIEND).
il veut me parler
He wants to talk to ME.
il peut nous parler
He can talk to US.
il doit me parler
He should talk to ME.