Industrialization in the early 19th century led to all of the following except:
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For which action is Nat turner well known?Leading a violent slave revoltWhat did the abolition movement promote?. Ending the institution of slaveryWhat belief was one important feature of the second great awakening?. A belief in personal responsibility for salvationWhat term refers to the 19th-century belief that married women's activities should be limited to housework and family?The cult of domesticityWhich of the following did Fredrick Douglass not do?Emigrate to AfricaWhich of the following was not a problem faced by "mill girls" in Massachusetts?Lack of safe places to stayIn what way was the national trades Union unusual for its time?It represented workers in a variety of industriesIn which philosophical movement was Ralph Waldo Emerson a leader?TranscendentalismWhich group commonly worked as strike beaters for low wages?Irish immigrantsWhat are journeymen?Skilled artisans who are employed by master artisansWhich candidate did John Quincy Adams defeat in the controversial election of 1824?Andrew JacksonWhich idea is promoted by the concept of nullification?States rightsWhich group was forcibly relocated by means of the trail of tears?CherokeeWhich area did the Monroe doctrine aim to free from European influence?The Western HemisphereWhich development led to a sharp rise in the number of slaves imported to the southern United States?The cotton ginWhich Americans benefited most from the tariff of 1816?ManufacturersWho began the practice of replacing high-ranking members of the executive branch when a new president takes office?Andrew JacksonCompleted in 1825, the Erie Canal connected the Atlantic Ocean with what?The Great LakesWhich Whig candidate defeated Martin van buren for president by depicting himself as a man of the peopleWilliam Henry HarrisonWhich of the following was responsible for the United States acquiring florida?Adams Onis treatyBetween which two countries did the Adams- Onis treaty of 1819 settle boundaries?Spain and United StatesWhich current state entered the US territory as a result of the Adams Onis treaty?. FloridaWho suggested that the nations capital be moved from New York City to a new city in the south in order to help gain support for his national debts plan?. Alexander HamiltonWhich law created the supreme with a Chief Justice and five associate justices?The judiciary act of 1789Which event was a response to an unpopular excise tax imposed by the federal government?The whiskey rebellionWho secured a treaty with Spain giving the United States shipping rights on the Mississippi River?Thomas PinckneyDuring johns Adams presidency, why were democratic republicans outraged by the alien and sedition acts?They believed the laws violated violated freedom of speech.What principle was affirmed in the Supreme Court case of Marbury vs. Madison?The right of the Supreme Court to declare an act of congress unconstitutionalWho was president when the United States acquired and began to explore the Louisiana territoryThomas JeffersonWhy did the United States go to war against Britain in 1812Britain was interfering with US foreign tradeWho attempted to unite Native Americans into a Confederacy to protect their homeland against White intrudersTecumsehOver which of the following issues to the nation become divided in the 1790sWhether the central government or state governments should be strongerUnder the articles of Confederation each states power in Congress was based on. One vote per stateThe articles of Confederation gave the national government the power to. Declare warFrom the time of the Declaration of Independence into the ratification of the Constitution United States function withoutpresidentOne of the accomplishments of the Northwest ordiniance of 1787 was to. Establish requirements for admitting new states to the unionShays rebellion was a protest by farmers who faced problems fromDebts they owed to creditorsThe great compromise was an agreement about how toDetermine a states representation in congressThe system that maintains a separation of powers among the branches of the federal government is calledChecks and balancesThe number of states needed to ratify the constitution before it could go into affect wasNineAdding a Bill of Rights to the Constitution was largely supported by theAnti federalistsAll of the following Men wrote letters contained in the federalist exceptPatrick HenryWho argued for a national government with unlimited powers over the statesAlexander HamiltonDuring which event did the first Fighting between red coats and minute Men occur?. Battle of LexingtonWho wrote a pamphlet called common sense arguing that the time had come for American independenceThomas PaineWhich European country support of the American colonies during the Revolutionary warFranceWhich event confirmed American independence and set the boundaries of the new nationThe treaty of parisIn which incident did Crispus atucks play a significant roleThe Boston massacreWhich of the following man helped to found the sons of libertySamuel adamsWhat did the Townsend acts bring aboutIndirect taxes on imported goodsHow did the colonists react to the intolerable actsThe First Continental Congress drew up a declaration of colonial rightsWho's concepts did Jefferson dropout as he drafted the Declaration of IndependenceJohn lockesDuring the Revolutionary war what did the Continental Army lackFood and ammunitionAccording to the theory of mercantilism a country has a favorable balance of trade whenThe value of exports is greater than the value of importsThe purpose of the navigation acts was toRestrict colonial tradeAs a result of England's policy of "saluted neglect" the colonies developedA desire for self governmentIn the late 1600s, the number of enslaved Africans in the south increased dramatically, in part due to a decline inThe availability of indentured servants for EuropeThe middle passage refers to the part of the transatlantic trade network that carriedAfricans from Africa to the West Indies and North AmericaI am it was a movement that emphasized the value ofReasonThe great awakening caused some colonists toAbandon their Puritan and angelic congregationsDuring the French and Indian war Native Americans fought on the side ofBoth the British and the FrenchWith the proclamation of 1763 the British government attempted toStop settlement west of the appalationsThe sugar act was an effort by the British Parliament toReduce colonial smugglingWhich two counties are the smallest in areaDelaware and Rhode IslandWhich of the Great Lakes lies closest to New YorkLake OntarioThe main immigration processing station in San Francisco was calledAngel IslandThe main goal of the Chinese exclusion act was toDecrease Chinese immigrationThe main goal of the Americanization movement was toAsimilate people of various cultures into the dominant cultureThe rowhouse was a new type of housing that conserved space bySharing sidewalls with other buildingsSettlement houses were founded in the late 1800s bySocial reformersThe illegal use of political influence for personal gain is calledGraftTammany Hall was the name ofA New York City political machineIn example of patronage would beAppointing a friend to a political positionThe stalwarts were strong supporters ofThe spoil systemPendleton civil service act requiredApplicants for government jobs to pass examinationsWhich railway connected Butte and MinneapolisNorthern PacificWhich two cities were connected by the Pennsylvania railwayPittsburgh and St. LouisWhy did the policy of treating the Great Plains as a huge reservation changeWhite settlers began wanting the land on the PlainsWhich of the following events occurred. FirstThe Sandcreek massacreWhich of the following was not central city life and culture of the Plains Indian in the 1800sLand ownershipWho were the ExodustersFormer slaves from the south who settled on the Great PlainsWhy did little of the freeway and offered by the Homestead act end up being claimed by settlersMost of it was taken by people seeking profitwhich of the following was most responsible for bringing an end to the era of the wide-open Western frontierThe railroadWhy did plains farmers in the late 1800s tend to support bimetallismIt would put more money in circulationWhich of the following did not intensify the depths of planes farmers had during the 1800sA shrinking supply of farmlandWhich of the following marked the collapse of populismThe election of William McKinleyThe Wilmont Pro viso was favored byThe NorthThe formal withdrawal of the state from the union is known asSecessionThe compromise of 1850 was supported byClay and WebsterOne of the most active conductors an Underground Railroad wasHarriet TubmanUncle Tom's cabin was written byHarriet Beecher StoweMembers of the know nothing party were known for all of the following except theirSupport of the rights of immigrantsOne of the founders of the Republican Party wasHorace GreeleyThe topic of the Lincoln Douglas debate wasSlavery in the territoriesThe Dred Scott decision did all of the following exceptGuarantee that slavery would not be allowed in futures statesThe Confederacy included all of the following states exceptMarylandWhat was needed before cities and complex civilizations could develop in the AmericasA surplus of foodHow did the African kingdoms of Songhai, Benin, and Kongo all gain powerBy controlling tradeBetween which two groups to the Treaty of tordesillas prevent conflictSpanish and PortugueseAfter the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean what caused the death of countless Native AmericansDiseasesWhat are the Pueblo known forKivas, pottery and multi story buildingsHow was slavery in west Africa different from slavery in the AmericasWest African slaves could escape their bondageWhat did the Townshend acts bring about?Indirect taxes on imported goodsHow did the colonists react to the intolerable acts?The first continental congress drew up a Declaration of IndependenceWho's concepts did Jefferson draw upon as he drafted the Declaration of Independence?John lockesDuring the revolutionary war, what did the continental army lack?Food and ammunitionAccording to the theory of mercantilism, a country has a favorable balance of trade whenThe value of exports is greater than the value of imports.