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Review Unit 6:Family

In what point of view is "Speed Adjustments" written?
1st person
How did John's father in "Speed Adjustments" solve the problem?
spank John and firm disciplined
What is the journey that the poet refers to in "First Lesson"?
journey of life toward independance
According to "First Lesson" do most fathers look forward to their daughter's first stages of independance?
"Speed Adjustments" and "First Lesson" focus on the what part in the family?
The telling of the story of Mary Berris's accident is the?
Who is the protagonist in "Hit and Run"?
Walter Post
In "Hit and Run" how was Gary changed in the previous month?
withdrawn with moody
Who is the speaker in "Old Yeller and the Bear"?
What is Travis's attitude about Little Arliss's tall tales?
In "Mister Chairman" how do the Gilbreths make family decisions?
family council
What is the major issue at the final council metting?
getting a dog
The tone of "Mister Chairman" is?
In "Love Story,Sort Of" what is Paul thinking about on his way to visit his grandmother?
he doesn't want to go and wants it to be a short visit
What does Paul give his grandmother that money can't buy?
How can Paul's visit with his grandmother best be described?
What did Paul remember about his grandmother on his way home from his visit?
had a good coversation,realized that she was interesting
What did the family's celebration of Mother's Day reveal about the family?
took Mother and her contrubution to the family for granted
Who is the narrator of "Those Winter Sundays"?
the son
"Those Winter Sundays" and "The Secret Heart" focus on what?
the small things that the Father does for his loving Son
What is the "secret heart" in the poem?
its his hand shaped as a heart
The word sun in the last line of "The Secret Heart" is a what,referring to the sun that gives warmth and light and son who is lying in bed?
How did the son feel when his father came into his room at night?
he felt saft
The phrase "like a rock" is an example of a?
What did the mother in "The Courage That My Mother Had" leave to her daughter?
a golden brooch
What did the daughter wish the mother had left her?
her courage
What was the real gift that Uncle Randolph gave to Charles?
his love and attention
"The Blanket" is told from what point of view because we do not know the thoughts and feelings of all the characters but only Petey?
How does Petey feel about his father's decision to send Grandad away?
he is angry
How does Dad ease his conscience about his treatment of Grandad?
he bought him an expensive blanket
Which character in "The Blanket" is a developing character?
the dad
In "Mother's Hallowe'en Trick" the fact that the boys' prank benefits the family is an example of an?
What is the irony in the story?
the local boys think they are tricking the family but the family is tricking the boys
Why was Mrs.Goforth reluctant to go along with her husband's plan to evangelize China?
scared her children will get a disease,disease
In "The Safest Place" was Jonathan convinced that the Lord would protect the children no matter where their mother took them?
What thought changed Rosalind Goforth?
she could think that God is a loving Father
The poem "Death" can be considered as a?
free verse
In the poem what does the speaker observe the couple doing morning?
reading the bible
Does the old man despair when his wife dies?
What is the effect of parallelism in the first and last stanza of "Death"?
the man did not change his behavior after his wife had died
A pause in the middle of a line of poetry usually indicated by a mark of punctuation?
The reptition of terminal consonant sounds?
A pair of rhymed lines?
Lines of poetry that end with a natural pause indicated by punctuation?
end stopped line
The term that describes poetic lines following past the end of one verse line and into the next with no punctuation at the end of the first verse line?
A type of word play at which a word takes on to different yet ironic meanings?
Literature that focuses on the customs and language of individuals in a particular area?
Rhyme between words that sound similar but do not display perfect rhyme?
slant rhyme