120 terms

HST Med terms

2 tsp syp per os
2 teaspoons syrup by mouth
An EMT does CPR to prevent DOA
An Emergency Medical Technician does Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to prevent Death on Arrival
VS: TPR and BP qid
Vital Signs: temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure four times a day
NPO pre-op@ 12MN
nothing by mouth before surgery at 12 midnight
Ht and Wt qod in am
Height and Weight every other day in the morning
6. 2 cc IM inj LUQ
2 cubic centimeters intramuscular injection left upper quadrant
7. R/O CVA, do EEG in OPD
rule out a cerebrovascular accident, do an electroencephalogram in the outpatient department
C&S for GC
culture and sensitivity for gonococcus
Sig: 500 mg Ca (1 Cap) po bid q12h
give the following directions: 500 milligrams calcium (1 capsule) by mouth twice a day every 12 hours
10. FFl to 60 ml qh and record I&O
force fluids to 60 milliliters every hour and record intake and output
11. Do CBC c Hgb, hct, and Diff
do a complete blood count with hemoglobin, hematocrit, and differential white blood cell count
ECG in ER stat
electrocardiogram in emergency room immediately
An MD can specialize in Ob or Gyn
a medical doctor can specialize in obstetrics or gynecology
ss tab po tid q8h
one-half tablet by mouth three times a day every 8 hours
CBR c BSC only
complete bed rest with bedside commode only
To Lab for GTT, FBS, and BUN
to laboratory for glucose tolerance test, fasting blood sugar, and blood urea nitrogen
AP q2h in CCU
apical pulse every two hours in coronary care unit
Check K, Na, Cl, Fe, and P
check potassium, sodium, chloride, iron, and phosphorus
19. 1000 cc SSE prn for BM
1000 cubic centimeter soap solution enema whenever necessary for bowel movement
To PT for ROM per w/c bid
to physical therapy for range of motion by wheelchair twice a day
O2 sos for SOB
oxygen if necessary for shortness of breath
4 gtts OS qd @ noct
4 drops in the left eye every day at night
NO supervises RN, LPN, NA, and SPN
nursing office supervises registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, nurse aide or assistant, and student
practical nurse
To OT for ADL
to occupational therapy for activities of daily living
Do BE, GB, and GI XR
do barium enema, gallbladder, and gastrointestinal X-ray
Take Ax or R T p T&A
Take an axillary or rectal temperature after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
D/C 500 cc D/W IV sol
discontinue 500 cubic centimeters dextrose in water intravenous solution
Collect ur spec for SpGr and PKU
collect urine specimen for specific gravity and phenylketonur
Dx: COPD, IPPB q8h
diagnosis: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, intermittent positive pressure breathing every 8 hours
In Roman numerals, C>L
in Roman numerals, 100 is greater than 50
inflammation around the brain
surgical correction of vein
originating in the kidney
condition of narrowing in nose
difficult or painful excessive or sudden monthly flow
condition of hardening in arteries
many fingers
between the ribs
new motion
destruction or dissolving of stone
blood in the urine
expansion of air tubes in lungs
tumor of bone and cartilage
white blood cell
pertaining to the tongue and throat (pharynx)
false tumor of a nerve
outside the skin
surgical puncture to remove fluid from the side or rib
excessive or more than normal vision
new disease
person who studies the skin
excessive blood cells
false inflammation of the appendix
blood poison or rot
muscle weakness or lack of strength
surgical puncture to remove fluid in thorax or chest
surgical removal of an ovary
flow or discharge of pus
without menstrual flow
instrument for examining the eye
less than normal urine
without nutrition
inflammation of the liver
head pain
person who studies diseases of rectum
low blood sugar
inflammation of stomach and intestine
condition of stones in the gallbladder
slow heart rate
across the skin
without speech
difficult swallowing
fear of water
cutting into the skull
diagnostic examination of the ear
two sides, both sides
surgical removal of the uterus
condition of blueness
study of disease or abnormal condition
paralysis of lower half of body
false muscle tumor or swelling
small blood cell
same kind or type
study of tissue
creation of an opening in trachea or windpipe
enlarged space or chamber of water
instrument for recording heart
difficult or painful breathing
lack of clotting cells
surgical removal of the breast
2 gtts AU ac and HS
2 drops in both ears before meals and at hour of sleep
30 ml MOM or LOC pm
30 milliliters milk of magnesia or laxative of choice whenever necessary
Up ad lib and DAT
up as desired and diet as tolerated
B&B, BRP q2h
bowel and bladder training, bathroom privileges every 2 hours
etiol of AIDS is HIV
etiology of acquired immune deficiency syndrome is human immunodeficiency virus
Dx: CHF, amb as tol
diagnosis: congestive heart failure, ambulate as tolerated
R/O PID, do IVP and KUB XR
rule out pelvic inflammatory disease, do an intravenous pyelogram and kidney, ureter, bladder X-ray
Rx: 3 tab po tid q8h
prescription: 3 tablets by mouth 3 times a day every 8 hours
FUO, R/O staph or strep
fever of unknown origin, rule out staphylococcus or streptococcus infection
CDC and NIH are divisions of the DHHS
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health are divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services
Add 40 mEq KCL to IV
Add 40 milliequivalents potassium chloride to intravenous
gr X ASA prn HA
grain 10 aspirin whenever necessary for headache
R/O STD, do PAP and VDRL
rule out sexually transmitted disease, do Papanicolaou test and serology for syphilis
Dx: TIA, do ABG and NVS
diagnosis: transient ischemic attack, do arterial blood gas and neurological vital signs
mix ss pt aa H2O and H2O2
mix one half pint of each water and hydrogen peroxide
irr NG c 2 oz N/S pc
irrigate nasogastric tube with 2 ounces of normal saline after meals
^ (up arrow) HOB 45 degrees sos SOB
elevate the head of the bed 45 degrees if necessary for shortness of breath
Convert lb to Kg and in to cm
convert pounds to kilograms and inches to centimeters
Bill CT to HMO or PPO
bill computerized tomography to health maintenance organization or preferred provider organization
BP is measured in mm of Hg
blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury
Dx: MI and BBB, to CCU, ABG
diagnosis: myocardial infarction and bundle branch block, to coronary care unit, arterial blood gas
Cath ur spec for C&S
catheter urine specimen for culture and sensitivity
Dx: TB, TCDB q2h
diagnosis: tuberculosis, turn, cough, and deep breathe every two hours
Pituitary gland secretes TSH, GH, and FSH
pituitary gland secretes thyroid stimulating hormone, growth hormone, and follicle stimulating hormone
Dx: IDDM, check S&A
diagnosis: insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, check sugar and acetone
1000 mg Ca is RDA
1000 milligrams calcium is recommended daily allowance
TPN of 1000 ml N/S q8h
Total parenteral nutrition of 1000 milliliters normal saline every 8 hours
Dx: MS do EMG
diagnosis: multiple sclerosis do electromyogram
Sig: 2 mtts OS qAM
give the following directions: 2 drops in left eye every morning
instrument for examining the eye