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Greek Myth Test 3

Abduction of Europa
Zeus turns himself into a white bull where he seduces this woman and Zeus takes her from Tyre to Crete causing Cadmus to search for her
-first ruler of thebes
-half man and half snake
-cow shows him where to build the city of thebes
-second ruler of thebes
-banned worship of Dionysus
-lured into the woods and murdered
-only son of Polydorus
-took the throne after when he was of age
-grandfather was Cadmus
-king of thebes
-persues Antiope for her disgraceful pregnancy through zeus
-Antiope and children "Zethus & Amphion" eventually take throne and kill Dirce and run Lycus out of town for the way there mother was treated
Zethus & Amphion
-sons of Antiope
-joint rulers of thebes
-son of Zethus and and thebe
-welcomed by Pelops king of Pisa
-He abducts son of Pelops "Chryippus and rapes him
-conceives a child Oedipus who later kills him
-found as a baby by a shepard who was given to a king
-misunderstands pythia's advice and goes to thebes where he coincidentally kills his father "Laius"
-kills the sphinx and marries his mother "Jocasta"
-wife kills herself and he scratches his eyes out
-one of the sons of Oedipus
-him and his brother fight over the throne
-end up killing each other
-had two sons
-his son Haemon kills himself trying to reverse Antigone's sentence to death for trying to bury her brother "Polynices"
-his wife "Eurydice" kills herself
-he is then left alone at his old age
The Plague of Thebes
caused from Oedipus killing his father and marrying his mother
-his father was tantalus who cooked him alive but was brought back to life by Zeus
-becomes a lover of Poseidon
-offers daughter to winner of chariot race
-Poseidon and servant help Pelops rig the race
-servant wants first go at the new wife
-Pelops then throws the servant off the cliff who curses his future family/kingdom
-receives golden lamb from pan who says whoever possesses the lamb is king
-cheated out of his throne
-he eventually gets his throne back
-he cooks Thyestes' "his brother" family later and pythia say vengence will come through his son agamemnon
-seduces Atreus' wife and gets the lamb but says Atreus can have the throne back when the sun goes backwards
-zeus makes sun go backwards and Atreus banishes him
-son of Atreus
-kills artemis' sacred animal and sacrafices his daughter to appease her
-wins cassandra from war in troy even though he already had a wife
kills Agamemnon " his husband " and cassandra the lover
-Apollo convinces him to kill his mother Clytemnestra for killing his father "Agamemonon"
-Apollo defends him in trial but when jury is hung Athena steps in defending him to where he is acquitted
-zeus seduces her in the form of a goose
-she then lays four eggs/children
~~Clytemnestra, Helen, Castor, and Polydeuces
Apple of Discord
-Eris is not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis
-causes Athena,Hera,and Aphrodite to fight over who is the most beautiful
-paris decides Aphrodite is and in return he receives the hand of Helen which starts the trojan war
Gods fighting for the Greeks
Gods fighting for Troy
-son of goddess Thetis and Peleus
-immortal from river of styx and trained by wise centaur
-forced into the war on troy
-given armor from Hephaestus to avenge patrocles death by killing hector
-amazon queen
-fought on the side of the trojans in the war
-Achilles killed her but committed necrophilia on her body
Ajax the Lesser
-fought on the side of the Greeks
-rapes cassandra in Athena's temple
-killed by the gods
-trojan hero
-son of Aphrodite and Anchises
-escapes Troy before it falls and founds Rome
Island of the Lotus Eaters
-contians plants that contain a form of drug that is very addicting
-Odysseus drags his men back to the ship saving them from being trapped on the island
Island of Polyphemus
-cyclops lives on the island
-the crew eats the cyclops' food and he traps them in the cave
-they stab his eye out and escape the cave but not before the cyclops puts the curse of Poseidon "father" on them
Island of Aeolus
-known as the keeper of the winds
-gives Odysseus a bag of winds to help sail the ship but the crew opens it and it sets them back years
Island of Laestrygonians
-giants who butcher the men and destroy the fleet
-escape with one ship and a fraction of the men
Island of Circe
-a witch goddess that turns the men into swine
-Athena gives Odysseus a magical herb
-she then seduces Odysseus and he stays with her for a year
-she then tells him to talk to Tyreseus for directions
The Sirens
-lure men to the island where they kill and eat them
-Odysseus puts wax in the crews ears but ropes himself to the mass to hear the song
Scylla and Charybdis
- a beautiful nymph that was turned into a terrible creature by Poseidon's wife
- the other is a whirlpool that eats ships
The Cattle of Helius
-the crew of Odysseus eat the cattle
-Zeus blasts the ship with a lightening bolt
Island of Calypso
-Odysseus stays with her for ten years
-hermes is sent to convince her to let Odysseus go and build a ship
-Atehna saves him from Poseidon's wrath on his ship
-he ends up on Scheria where he receives and warm welcome into the palace
-they then ferry him to greece
Odysseus Returns Home
-he returns home and massacres the suitors with his bow
-taking back his power and his loving wife Penelope
-father is Sisyphus
-accidentally kills his brother but is freed from blood guilt in a neighboring kingdom
- tries to fly to Olympus and becomes a cripple being struck down by the gods
King Proetus
-Takes Bellerophon in but wife tries to seduce Bellerophon and he is sent away
King of Lycia
-he is told to kill Bellerophon but allows him to to do other tasks instead
-grandfather "Acrisius" is told his grandson will kill him
-Acrisius locks Danea away
-he becomes the son of Zeus and Danae
-turns things to stone
-Odysseus uses a reflective shield to kill her
-cuts head off and keeps it in a bag
-eventually given to Athena
-claims she is more beautiful then the neriods
-a sea monster is cursed onto her homeland
-Perseus kills the beast and wins the princess
-old suitor of Andromeda
-he crashed Andromeda and Perseus's wedding party
-Perseus turns him into stone
-Perseus goes here in persuit of his grandfather "Acresius"
-his grandfather then bails and Perseus becomes the heir to the throne
-years later Perseus accidentally kills his grandfather in a discus competition
-a snake,goat, and lion creature
-Bellerophon kills it by the gift of Pegasus from Poseidon and a golden Bridle from Athena
-uses coal to which it melted and suffocated
-Zeus and the Amphitryon have sex with her in the same night
-Zeus decides the first born will be honored when born
-Hera forces Eurystheus to be born first
-Heracles is then born second
-first born of Alcmene
-brother is Heracles
-sends Heracles on his twelve labors
The twelve Labors
-Eursytheus forces Heracles to complete them
-six in Greece
-six out of Greece
Nemean Lion
-ravages the country side
-Heracles clubs it to death
-Heracles' symbols become the lion skin and the club
-nine headed snake that lives in the swamp
-Heracles has to kill it by cutting of the heads and burning them from reproducing
-his nephew is killed in the process
Cerynean Deer
-has golden horns
-artemis allows Heracles to capture it as long as he brings her back
Erymunthian Boar
-Eursytheus wants it alive
Chiron the Centaur
-old and wise trainer of heroes
-Zeus allows him to die while completing the 12 labors with Heracles
Stables of Augeas
-king that owns thousands of cattle
-Heracles forced to clean them
-Athena helps Heracles move a river to clean them
-Heracles then murdered the king for not giving him some of the cattle
Stymphalion Birds
-harpie like creatures
-inhabit a swamp
-Heracles is forced to kill them with arrows
Creatan Bull
-Heracles is forced to capture it and bring it to the royal court
The Man-Eating Horses of Diomedes
-Heracles is forced to capture them
-goes there with his boy lover abderos
-while fighting abderos gets eaten by the horses
-Heracles then feeds Diomedes too the horses
The Girdle of Hippolyta
-she was a amazon queen that possessed a belt given to her by Ares
-Heracles is forced to obtain the belt but falls in love with her
-Hera tricks Heracles into killing her
-Heracles takes the belt and leaves
The Cattle of Geryon
-Heracles is given a goblet by Apollo to sail to the island of Erythia
- He then captured the creatures and killed the monster with his club and sailed home
The Golden Apples of Hesperides
-wedding gift to Zeus by Hera
-Heracles frees Prometheus for advice on how to steal the objects
-Heracles holds the sky for Atlas so Atlas can go steal the objects from the garden
-guard dog of the underworld
-Heracles borrowed him from Hades to bring to Eursytheus
Heracles wrestles death and saves her
as a token of appreciation for the hospitality of Admetus, her father
-son of Gea
-receives super human strength from the earth
-Heracles kills him by lifting him up
-causing him to lose his power
-one of Heracles boy lovers
-lured by the water nymphs and disappears
-bad centaur that tries to rape deanira "Heracles Wife"
-Heracles kills him but not before he gives deanira a poison love potion
Apollo and Heracles
-he seeks the pythia for advice
-the pythia do not answer so he tries to steal the tri pod
-Zeus breaks up the fight between him and the sun god and gives him advice
Heracles is a slave to her for a year for his the murder of the brother of a girl he had a crush on