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v. to make less in amount, degree, etc.; to subside, become less.
s: diminish, decrease, subside, let up
a: intensify, increase, magnify, wax


n. praise or flattery that is excessive
s: adoration, idolization, hero-worship
a: ridicule, derision, scorn, odium


n. an object of intense dislike; a curse or strong denunciation
s: malediction, imprecation, abomination
a: benediction, blessing


adj: shrewd, crafty, showing practical wisdom
s: shrewd, acute, sagacious, judicious, wily
a: obtuse, doltish, empty-headed, dumb


n. greedy desire, particularly for wealth
s: cupidity, rapacity, acquistiveness


adj: deserving blame, worthy of condemnation
s: guilty, delinquent, peccant, blameworthy


adj. tending to delay or procrastinate, not prompt; intended to delay or postpone
s: stalling, slow, tardy, laggard
a: prompt, punctual, speedy, expeditious


adj. conspicuous, standing out from the mass
s: glaring, flagrant, blatant
a: unnoticeable, paltry, piddling


v. to speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation to be deliberately vague of ambiguous
s: palter, hedge
a: to speak one's mind plainly


adj. vanishing, soon passing away, light and airy
s: ephemeral, transient, transitory
a: everlasting, immortal, imperishable


adj. unable to make up one's mind, hesitating
s: indecisive, vacillating, wavering
a: determined, decisive, unwavering


adj. cloudlike, resembling a cloud; cloudy in color, not transparent; vague, confused, indistinct
s: hazy, fuzzy, cloudy, vague, murky, opaque, indeterminate
a: definite, distinct clear, sharply focused


n. one who is just a beginner at some activity requiring skill
s: neophyte, tyro, trainee, apprentice
a: veteran, past master, pro, expert


n. extreme poverty, barrenness, insufficiency
s: destitution, want, indigence
a: affluence, abundance, luxury, opulence


adj. done for show, striving to make a big impression; claiming merit or position unjustifiably; making demands on one's skill or abilities, ambitious
s: inflated, ostentatious, affected
a: unassuming, unaffected, modest


v. to review a series of facts; to sum up
s: review, summarize, sum up, go over


adj. untidy, dirty, careless
s: unkempt, slatternly, slipshod, lax
a: neat, tidy, careful, meticulous


v. to revive, bring back to consciousness or existence
s: revitalize, reanimate, restore, reactivate


n. something that is assumed or taken for granted without conclusive evidence
s: assumption, presumption, hypothesis


adj. inactive, sluggish, dull
s: sluggish, lethargic, otiose, languid
a: energetic, dynamic, vigorous

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