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Which of the following demographic characteristics distinguishes Europe's population from that of Asia?
Europeans are more concentrated in urban areas.
Where is the largest population concentration in the Western Hemisphere?
On the northeast U.S. and southeast Canadian seaboards
In which of the following ways can a population grow?
Which area is considered to be the most densely populated?
Which area of the world has experienced the greatest population growth over the past 10 years?
What event was responsible for the first population explosion?
The Industrial Revolution
Which of the following characterizes a Stage 3 population?
Consists primarily of urban dwellers
Which is the result of zero population growth?
Population stability
Which statement is true regarding the distribution of population throughout the world?
Three-fourths of the world population occupies 5 percent of the planet's surface due to water and less hospitable land.
Natural increase can be best defined as
Population growth that occurs due to an increase in the birthrate.
Which would most likely NOT be a result of rapid population growth in a region?
Expansion of natural environments such as forest land
Experts argue that a significant water shortage by 2025 will be caused by _____
Drastic increase in water usage by humans
Overcrowded living conditions contribute to all of the following except _____
Preservation of wetlands
The one-child policy of 1979 was a system used to regulate population growth within this country.
All of the following are major factors contributing to the global water pollution problem except _____
The release of waste products from fish
To accommodate the rapid human population growth, the water supply should increase by
20% over a 15-year period
Which statement is false regarding the world's population?
The world's population is decreasing
Which place would most likely have a low population density?
Sahara Desert
The depletion of the world's rain forests contributes to all of the following except _____
A decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide that is released in the atmosphere
In most industrial countries, _____
Harvest rates are surpassed by net annual tree growth.
Which occurrence is not characteristic of global warming?
Stabilization in the sea level due to warm weather
Which is not an impact of global warming on ecosystems?
Food supplies increase
Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes?
Warmer ocean temperature
Which practice does not protect the environment?
Frequent usage of a SUV
Which vehicle is most likely to be fuel efficient?
Gas-electric hybrid car
Scientists predict that global warming will cause Ethiopia to experience _____
Greater frequency of drought-related conditions
A majority of the greenhouse-gas emissions released into the atmosphere is comprised of _____
Carbon dioxide
This is the main human activity that contributes to global warming
Burning of fossil fuels
Which is true regarding where pollution is most evident?
Areas with a high population density
Which human activity would best support global efforts to improve the environment and to reduce global warming?
Riding a bicycle to a nearby playground
What approach to development did the Brundtland Commission propose?
Sustainable development
A person who adapts an anthropocentric view _____
Is concerned more with how the environment impacts people's lives
Which of the following is not an example of a sustainable development project?
Financing projects to clear rainforest land for cattle grazing
Which is not an example of a goal that many countries agreed to have accomplished by 2015?
Issue reparations to all countries that suffered high amounts of casualties from past major wars
What is the objective of the Dashboard of Sustainability?
To illustrate the complex relationships among economic, social, and environmental issues
Which country's action would be in violation of section II of the Agenda 21 plan?
The Brazilian government mandates the clearing of 200 acres in order to generate revenue from exported lumber
The adoption of the Agenda 21 comprehensive plan _____
Outlines local, national, and global efforts that would help improve the environment
Which person would most likely not be impacted by the Agenda 21 plan?
Scientist from NASA
Which of the following topics would not relate to substainable living?
Single-use containers